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Police officers who work in so-called "vulnerable areas" must tolerate being subjected to stone throwing. They are therefore not entitled to receive damages after having had stones hurled at them, according to a recent verdict by the Swedish court.

Europeans have harden. They are no longer so sensitive, warm-hearted and generous as in the beginning. The barrel is about to get full, and only a spark is needed for it to go off.

"The crisis in Greece was one thing, but what is happening in Italy now is huge," says economist George Friedman, chairman of Geopolitical Futures, as Italian banks with huge debt raises fears of a new financial crisis in the EU.

Spanish police have found a major weapons cache, with thousands of illegal weapons that were to be sold on the black market to terrorist organizations and organized criminal gangs.

An Arizona trooper who had been shot and was being beaten by a man with a pistol was saved by a motorist who killed his attacker.

It had to happen sooner or later: A Swedish municipality is almost broke due to the flood of immigrants. Now it takes drastic measures to survive.

An undercover reporter who visited 35 asylum centres throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, says security is so bad that they risk fomenting terrorism, as radicals can easily infiltrate them and convert vulnerable people to their cause.

The U.S. Army general who heads the D.C. National Guard and is an integral part of overseeing the inauguration, said Friday he will be removed from command effective Jan. 20 at 12:01 p.m., just as Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

Two Syrian men are convicted of rape after a Swedish woman was found chained to a water pipe in the basement of the cafe the men ran.

One of Charlie Hebdo's most outspoken journalists said on Friday she is quitting the French satirical magazine because it has gone soft on Islamist extremism.

On Friday night, this was the screen that met Facebook users worldwide.

The law automatically provides residence permit to asylum seekers who are victims of xenophobic attacks.

The Obama administration ignored the plea of President-elect Donald Trump to stop transferring prisoners out of the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, facility and sent four more detainees to Saudi Arabia.

Monsignor Carlo Liberati, an Italian Archbishop, gave the warning after observing the growing number of detention centres opening up in Europe, suggesting it was a sure fire way to have the Islamic faith become mainstream.

A 16-year-old boy has been shot in the head and killed, with many witnesses to the murder.

"Manchester City have been charged in relation to The FA’s Rules on Anti-Doping," FA informs.

The Norwegian students got two hours to pack up and leave, as the Swedes didn't want troublemakers and noise. 'Go home immediately!' was the message from the angry Swedes.

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has in a groundbreaking ruling decided that Muslim girls in Switzerland must not receive exemptions from swimming lessons where both boys and girls are participating.

VIDEO: It was an emotional farewell in Chicago, when US President Barack Obama made his last speech as president Tuesday night.

British authorities fear chemical attacks against two coastal towns after German police discovered plans of terrorist attacks at a refugee center. The towns have now been put under stricter surveillance.

A Bosnian man was caught red-handed by police as he was about to load stolen pallet collars onto a van. 13 hours later he was sentenced to prison and deportation from Denmark.

The terrorist threat has moved from the Middle East to Europe. The Swedes who know what is about to happen, desperately try to warn the rest. Last out is chief of the Department of higher total defense training at the Swedish Defense Academy, Lars Hedström.

Anders Behring Breivik, who is serving a sentence of 21 years for the terrorist attacks on Utøya and the government building in Oslo on July 22, 2011, raised his arm in a Nazi salute when the appeal proceedings began Tuesday.

VIDEO: German television journalist Claus Strunz, has a weekly fixture on a morning program, in which he discusses different topics. This time he lashes out against politicians and society after the terrorist attack in Berlin in December.

A sickening video appearing to show a toddler shooting a prisoner dead in a ball pit in Syria has been published online by the Islamic State

A cruise line has canceled five visits to Fredrikstad because of a newspaper article about seven ISIS fighters from the city.

VIDEO: Hollywood has decided to revive the horror movie 'The Ring', which in this third version has been titled 'Rings'. Viewer discretion advised. Certain scenes are not for the faint of heart. Also, try not to die.

Six people - two adults and four children - have been found dead at an address in Denmark.

The Czech government has proposed a bill stating that ordinary citizens with a weapons permit can engage and shoot to kill terrorists. Also more Czechs will be given weapons permit.

A mother was out on a morning walk with her daughter and their dog in Bergshamra in Norrtälje, north of Stockholm, when the attack happened.

Several Third World immigrants who have tried to enter illegally into the EU across the border between Turkey and Bulgaria have frozen to death after meeting weather conditions they have never before experienced and are completely unprepared for.

A man in his 50s believed he had struck luck and found the woman of his dreams on a dating site. But the woman in the picture turned out to be Kim Kardashian.

The girlfriend made a hickey on the neck of the boy, which is usually quite harmless and which thousands of teenagers get every day, but in this case it turned fatal.

A gang of immigrants trying to rob a driving school in Sweden, met their nemesis in 69-year-old Bo Ander, who had them fleeing in panic - screaming.

Renegade soldiers yesterday took over the country's second largest city, Bouaké, and gunfire has now also been heard in several other places.

Five people are dead and a shooting suspect is in custody Friday after a lone gunman opened fire at a baggage claim area in Florida's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, shooting people in the head without saying a word.

Norway continues to make it harder for asylum seekers to choose Norway, and with great success. However, many of those who have come to Norway, have for unknown reasons vanished. Now the government wants control by having asylum seekers monitored.

President-elect Donald Trump tweets Friday that money the US spends on building a wall along the border with Mexico, will be paid back by Mexico later.

Norway's increasingly stricter measures and tougher policies regarding refugees, have made asylum seekers drop Norway as their final destination when fleeing through peaceful Europe.

Often six fully booked planes a week fly to Iraq from Malmö Airport. Among the passengers are Iraqis who have been granted residence permits in Sweden because they risk being imprisoned, tortured or killed in their home country.

- Feeling the chill, but that's fine.

"Will what happens in Malmö spread to the rest of Sweden? Is Malmö the City of Tomorrow? We see today a disaster, with fears of a society no longer under control."

"Protect yourself and your property. Strong winds combined with elevated water levels will cause major coastal flooding and significant damage to buildings and coastal protection," states the warning from DMI.

In September, hairdresser Merete Hodne was sentenced for discrimination after she refused a hijab-wearing woman entry to her hair saloon. Hodne appealed the verdict and the appeal proceedings began today.

Bitcoin is used to move money across the globe quickly and anonymously and does not fall under the purview of any authority, making it attractive to those wanting to get around capital controls.

A group of masked immigrant youths in Sweden threw a powerful firecracker, known as a "banger" into a stroller where a three month old infant was sleeping.

55 border guards were injured when over a thousand migrants tried to storm the Spanish border.

Campi Flegrei is one of world's most dangerous super volcanoes, and now scientists warn that it has reached critical phase and could erupt, which would mean apocalyptic consequences.

VIDEO: Areas in Sweden turned into "war zones" on New Year's Eve, in a preview of what may come when fireworks and rockets are replaced with more explosive stuff, which Sweden tragically is full of.

Los Angeles residents awoke early Sunday morning to see that one thing, at least, looked different in the New Year: the Hollywood sign.

At least 35 people have been killed in a gun attack at a famous nightclub in Istanbul during New Year's Eve celebrations. The gunman was reportedly dressed in a Santa costume.

Police in Cologne did not want a repeat of last New Year's Eve's sexual assaults and took precautions. Among other things, police encircled and controlled a large group of suspicious persons at the main station.

New Year's fireworks has become a major problem throughout Sweden in recent days. People are attacked by gangs who shoot at them and animals with rockets and fireworks.

In a back room at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, three ladies sit, two Scandinavian ministers and a very vocal critic of Islam. The Norwegian Integration Minister, Sylvi Listhaug, and her Danish colleague, Inger Støjberg, have teamed up with Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

On Friday night the Mannheim asylum center in Rjukan in Telemark is burning. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kevin Crehan, who was serving a 12-month sentence for tying bacon to the door handles of a mosque in Bristol, has died in prison. Police call the death 'not suspicious'.

Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin. In that order.

Austria's Foreign Minister, Sebastian Kurz, says that more drastic measures are now required against countries that refuse to take back their own nationals.

While waiting for Trump to take over, Russian president Vladimir Putin says he will not "sink to the Americans' level," and refuses to expel US diplomats. Instead, he invites their children to a Christmas party in the Kremlin.

Lars Hedegaard, a Danish historian, journalist and author, recently received a disturbing call from a friend in Sweden.

As ISIS now flee Syria, they plan to bring the war to Europe, where they, disguised as refugees, arrive in numbers.

Oscar-nominated singer-actress who was the mother of late actress Carrie Fisher, has died at Cedars-Sinai hospital.

Last month, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition console, and it has already sold 200,000 copies in the United States.

Shop owners in the center of the immigrant dense suburb of Husby in Stockholm have decided to close their shops in protest of the crime in the area. They feel abandoned and unprotected as police have given up.

In October, French authorities started the job of clearing the notorious migrant camp "the Jungle" in the French port city of Calais. Now migrants have returned and are setting up new camps.

The cause of the Russian plane crashing into the Black Sea on Sunday has been revealed.

Storm and great danger of avalanches have made the Governor decide to evacuate Nybyen on Svalbard.

VIDEO: "We test the border control. Can an IS-terrorist cross the border unnoticed?"

The suspects accused of setting a homeless person on fire in the Berlin underground have been identified as refugees from Syria and Libya, police confirmed.

VIDEO: Have you ever experienced a coin attached to the door handle of your car? If so you have been a target for thieves.

Actress Carrie Fisher, best known for playing Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, has died after a heart attack on board a flight from London to Los Angeles.

VIDEO: Police in Berlin ask anyone with information to come forward after a homeless man was set on fire by a gang of youths at a metro station.

Turkey closed access to social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after news of the video became known, in an attempt to prevent the Turks from seeing the gruesome 19-minute video.

The storm that hits southern Norway and northern Denmark on Monday will be so powerful that meteorologists now go out with an extreme weather alert.

17-year-old Emilie Meng, who has been missing since July, has been found dead in a pond.

The terrorist attack i Berlin has angered many, but very few politicians dare point at the elephant in the room. U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, however, is not the average politically correct politician, and he speaks when others keep silent.

"Obama betrayed Israel. Thank God for Trump," Dutch politician Geert Wilders wrote on Facebook after the United States on Friday allowed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements.

VIDEO: A German designer has taken the very real fear of being raped and turned it into a profitable business.

Anis Amri, the man suspected of killing 12 people and injuring 48 in Berlin, has been shot and killed by police in Milan, according to Italian police.

Germany now has 7,000 (known) terror suspects and is finding it “almost impossible” to keep track of them all, a former head of MI6 counter-terrorism claims.

In what the government designates as the largest mass evacuation in Germany since World War II, about 54,000 people are to be evacuated from the German city of Augsburg on Christmas Day.

IS-inspired terrorist attacks in central Melbourne on Christmas Day have been averted after several raids in the city, according to Australian police. A total of seven people have been arrested.

Norway's new Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen, has previously come with "controversial" statements about climate and Muslims.

A 32-year old man in Malmö was sentenced for animal abuse after keeping a crocodile in a greenhouse. The crocodile had a very limited area to move on and very little water, far below what an approximately two meter long crocodile needs.

At first glance, Ceres, the largest body in the main asteroid belt, may not look icy. But newly published studies show two distinct lines of evidence for ice at or near the surface of the dwarf planet.

VIDEO: German model and journalist Anabel Schunke talks about the horrific situation in Germany, where women now are afraid to walk the streets thanks to Angela Merkel's migrant influx.

A thin white layer of snow covered the dunes of Ain Sefra in Algeria. One can safely say that is not an everyday event down there.

A shocking video shows how two small girls are being prepared to be sacrificed by their own mother - for the sake of jihad in the name of Allah. Well aware of their imminent faith she says goodbye to her girls and proudly sends them away to certain death.

The fatwa says that people should respect Christians’ right to celebrate, including by wearing Santa hats, but should not join in because it is 'haram' i.e. not permitted in Islam.

Before Christmas became known as the celebration of the birth of Christ, the festival of Jól was the Vikings' main party. They sacrificed people and animals, decorated with blood, drank strong beer and over ate on pork in honour of the gods.

The immigration critical party AfD does not mince words after the attack in which a truck drove straight into the crowd at the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin.

French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet aboard the International Space Station (ISS) has taken this stunning image of the wondrous spirals of the ‘Eye of Africa’, also known as the Richat structure.

VIDEO: Firefighters at the fire station in Odense, Denmark, recently sent out a Christmas greeting a bit out of the ordinary.

According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the number of asylum seekers to Mexico has sharply increased. Donald Trump's rhetoric, American violence and crime are the reasons why migrants choose Mexico rather than America.

Both men and women are afraid to go out alone in Sweden, figures from the Swedish Public Health Agency show. In Skåne, almost half of the women say they do not feel safe anymore, and also nationally the percentage is staggering and alarming.

VIDEO: American film maker Ami Horowitz travelled to the Swedish capital to examine the effects of immigration in the country himself. When he went to a Swedish no-go zone he was immediately attacked. Watch the dramatic incident and the severe situation in Sweden.

The British Prison Officers Association states that the riots are a sharp warning to the authorities that the prison system is in crisis and jails are "in meltdown."

'Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.'

Following instructions given by ISIS in its instruction manual for how to prepare for jihad, wannabe ISIS-jihadis in Britain have taken to the paintball field to practice, as they were told.

Facebook plans to deal with 'fake news' by working with self-appointed guru on hoaxes and fake news Snopes, ABC News and the Associated Press. Also sharing from groups on Facebook has changed.