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Despite a video where the perpetrators names are mentioned and their faces visible, the assault is not being investigated by the police: "We are out of staff at the moment."

Eight municipalities in Sweden's second largest province Jämtland, 'protest strongly' over the decreasing number of asylum seekers to the district. Now they will try to find ways to receive twice as many immigrants as they have been assigned.

Women who say no to sex really want to have sex anyway, like a Swede, claims Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, who is chief of security at the Dubai police.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's half-brother Kim Jong-nam was killed by a nerve agent which is on the UN list of weapons of mass destruction - by a woman who thought she was on television.

Sweden's former Prime Minister Carl Bildt (almost) invites Donald Trump to come visit to "see for himself." What would that look like, and what can Bildt do himself?

President Donald Trump and the White House just escalated the war with the American press. Now it's no longer just a war of words - now it has evolved into real action.

When author Katerina Janouch and editorial writer Anders Lindberg from Sweden's largest newspaper Aftonposten met on SVT, the atmosphere quickly became heated in the studio: Right-wing populist propaganda or reality?

With Claudio Ranieri as manager, Leicester City rather sensational won the Premier League last season. On Thursday it was announced that the club has sacked the Italian.

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, has announced the suspension of his campaign with less than three weeks to go, after the arrest of a mole in his security detail.

Hassan Ali Khaire, who has Norwegian citizenship, has been appointed Prime Minister of Somalia.

An entire family who came to Norway as asylum seekers in 1990 now risk losing their Norwegian citizenship, as Norway's crackdown on untruthful asylum seekers continues.

For the first time in 46 years: A 42-year-old Danish man has been charged with blasphemy for burning the Quran. It is the first time since 1971 that the indictment for blasphemy is used in Denmark.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone and could have liquid water.

The pile of criminal cases in Sweden is growing higher, and increasingly more cases remain unsolved by the police.

Liberals seeking refuge from reality now have a fake news website where they can pretend to live in a world where Hillary Clinton is president.

VIDEO: The era of Abba is over. A new, dangerous era is in motion, explained by journalist Paul Joseph Watson, and he is absolutely 100 percent spot on.

Food shortages in war-torn Yemen are becoming increasingly worse. Seven million people do not know how to obtain their next meal, according to the UN.

A new factual book about the Swedish immigration is considered racist by Ekerö Library in Stockholm, and it will not be purchased. But the library has no problem keeping Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf or other controversial books in its collection.

NASA will hold a news conference tomorrow, to present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun.

New information about the Rinkeby riots: Police did not fire warning shots as previously stated, but were trying to hit the rioters.

French right-wing National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen canceled a meeting on Tuesday with Lebanon's grand mufti, after refusing to wear a headscarf for the meeting.

After a week of international criticism and ridicule, since the infamous state visit to Iran, where the feminist Swedish government members in hijab became the talk of the world, the government makes it even worse for itself.

When Trump said that Sweden is in trouble, the trouble could not wait to prove him right.

VIDEO: A guy stabs a mobile phone battery with a knife - what happens next is going to make you afraid of your mobile phone.

US President Donald Trump continues to criticize Sweden - now with a powerful sting against the country's immigration policy.

The Swedish city Malmö is not only Scandinavia's most dangerous city, it is also the most violent city in western Europe. But compared to Chicago in the US, and Caracas in Venezuela, it seems rather peaceful.

Norwegian hairdresser Merete Hodne, who became a national celebrity when she refused to let a hijab wearing woman into her hair saloon, threatens to sue a humor group over the expression "Nazi hairdresser."

That billionaire George Soros has a finger in most of the shady stuff that is going on in the West (and the East), has finally reached US lawmakers, not even a single minute too early.

Police in Iceland warn against driving under the influence of the aurora, after having stopped tourist motorists who were more concerned with the celestial phenomenon than keeping their eyes on the road.

Egyptian Omar Abdel-Rahman, a controversial blind Muslim cleric, who in 1996 was sentenced to life in prison for the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York in 1993, has died in prison in the United States.

I have 512 friends on Facebook. One of them was just beaten up and robbed. "Bones are visible and could not be patched up"

As insecurity in the Swedish society is rapidly increasing, the public seems to welcome the controversial motorcycle club with open arms. - Alarming, say police.

The American mainstream media, which President Trump repeatedly has called "fake news," are increasingly losing the trust of the American people.

Prosecutors have decided to close the investigation against Örebro police officer Peter Springare, who on Facebook revealed both names and nationalities of suspected criminals.

A 14-year-old child bride from Syria came to Sweden and became pregnant with her husband, who is also her cousin. Now a Swedish court has approved of her marriage, because she appears "mature," and for religious and cultural reasons.

Not giving up: Former prime minister Tony Blair is to announce his "mission" to persuade Britons to "rise up" and change their minds on Brexit.

The rioting in France continues to spread. Now central Paris is also affected, where policemen have been attacked, shops looted, and buildings and cars set on fire. "This could go on for a long time yet," police say.

On Friday, February 17, 2017 the organization BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) will be having “Resist, Disrupt and Obstruct" protest rallies all across America to remove Trump from office ‘by any means necessary.’

Heavily armed police are currently conducting searches in a residential area in Sommersted, after shots were fired.

A man in a hot air balloon realized that he was lost. He reduced the altitude and saw a woman on the ground.

Allan Widman, chairman of the Swedish parliamentary defense committee, demands that individuals are prohibited from wearing bulletproof vests to protect themselves from the increasing violence, which he believes will increase further without a ban.

If you know or recognise any of these men, please contact Norway ASAP. Regards, the police.

In his first major television interview before the election on March 15, Dutch right-wing opposition leader, Geert Wilders, advocated that Islam and the Quran should be banned and the mosques closed. He also asks the other parties for their cooperation.

No one knows how the worm that has destroyed massive corn crops could be stopped. Now the UN holds an emergency meeting.

To overcome its unmanageable debt, Greece is hiring Rothschild to control the country's financial affairs.

Before the summer is over, the EU could be stone dead.

Police are asking people to stay away from the shopping mall Mosseporten center in Norway, after receiving an anonymous tip.

Kim Jong-un’s half-brother has been reportedly assassinated with ‘poisoned needles’ in Malaysia, by suspected North Korean agents.

To get rid of Skåne and Malmö.

"Shameful": The Swedish government is ridiculed worldwide after Iranian propaganda images.

A Swedish high school teacher predicts a civil war coming, and he blames media and the politicians for the very serious situation, which he compares to the situation in the former Yugoslavia, before civil war broke out.

Nursing home opens bar: Here are drinks, ladies, music from the good old days and great mood.

The entire airport was evacuated after 52 people experienced breathing difficulties and discomfort.

Norway deports 10,000 criminal immigrants and the number of crimes in Oslo plunges to the lowest figure in 14 years. Norway's Progress Party (FrP) takes the credit.

Three police officers were injured when between 20 and 30 people attacked a police patrol in the immigrant dense suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm.

In December last year, Maire Pekhonen (71) left Sweden to marry Lamin Sanneh, (34) in Gambia. He is her third Gambian husband she now wants to bring to Sweden. "Life is short and I want to have fun," she says.

A planned camel center in Gothenburg, has received funding of over 1,5 million, and even though there is still no building permit given, money have already gone to the fence, trips abroad and imported camel milk.

At least 17 people have been killed in a stampede at a football stadium in the northern Angolan city of Uige, when supporters stormed the gates after failing to gain entry.

It is crucial that as a Muslim in Denmark, you understand and respect that here in this country, freedom and equality mean more than a medieval interpretation of the Koran, says the Danish Minister for Immigration, Inger Støjberg.

Three journalists employed by the Swedish state broadcaster SVT, have been sentenced to community service after they were convicted of human smuggling.

Four people including a 16-year-old girl have been arrested on suspicion of planning a suicide attack in Paris.

Sweden's first LGBT-certified funeral home is now a fact.

The riots in French cities continue after a 22-year-old man was grossly abused by the police last week. Police now fear that the next will be that someone shoots at the police to kill.

A janitor in charge of clearing snow was shot last night in Malmö. Police have arrested a gang of criminal immigrants after the shooting.

An immigrant man interrupted the Norwegian Parliament while it was in session. There he shouted "Fu*king Nazi State!" while claiming he has no freedom of speech.

"The sun does not appear, we have not seen the sun for months." That Norway is far north and cold, some times extremely cold, seems to have been missed when Syrian refugees decided on which honey pot to reach in Europe.

PHOTOS: The latest in men's fashion shown at the New York Fashion Week... is pure utter madness.

Swedish movement: In just two days, more than 100,000 Swedes have joined a support group for the policeman Peter Springare, who on Friday revealed both names and nationalities of all suspects in the cases he had worked with that week.

Sweden continues to shock the world with its light sentences for serious crime. Last out is a verdict from Östersund District Court, where a Syrian asylum seeker was sentenced for rape of a 13-year-old girl.

Scandal: The Norwegian national emergency network has been operated by employees in India who had no security clearance.

"The Swedish public has to be told all the facts now." Another old-timer in the Swedish police comes forward in support of the truth of what's going on in the country.

After the Swedish policeman Peter Springare in a Facebook post told the truth about the serious crime in Sweden, he has received a lot of support and flowers, but this is not allowed to show. The order comes from above, says the station commander.

A car belonging to a chief at the Uppsala police exploded in Täby just north of Stockholm. The police chief and his family have now been given police protection, as threats and violence against police in Sweden have become more vile.

48 percent of the Swedish voters now believe that social developments in Sweden are going in the wrong direction, shows a new survey.

Germany's largest lender, Deutsche Bank, has apologized for its costly mistakes in the past - in full-page newspaper ads - as it deals with historic legal troubles. Last week, Deutsche Bank announced a 1.4 billion euro annual loss.

After two federal judges put a temporary restraining order on President Donald Trump's immigration ban, previously banned Muslims are now in a hurry to get to the United States. "We're telling them to get on the quickest flight ASAP."

Norway continues to make Norway a less attractive place to move to for asylum seekers. Now the government proposes tougher requirements for family reunification.

The American cafe chain Starbucks has faced hefty criticism since it last Sunday declared that the company will employ 10,000 refugees in protest against President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

Read the post from police investigator and former deputy head of the Division for serious crimes at the police in Örebro, which he has been reported to the police for. "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

Allen B. West believes that an "accident" is bound to happen, when one of these anarchists and violent rioters crosses the line with the one person - and gets hit back.

Danish artist Franz Füchsel, who was one of the 12 Muhammad cartoonists, has died.

Katharina (35) was brutally assaulted and felt up by a North African gang at a train station in the German city of Hanover.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Donald Trump's chief strategist a white supremacist, saying he has no business serving on the National Security Council.

The National Police Chief Dan Eliasson has given orders that all personnel within the police immediately should know where to meet up during a war mobilization.

The Employment Service's forecast for the next two years shows that the demand for labor is now so great that it has caused labor shortages - because of lack of qualified people.

The Police Security Service confirms that a day after the US election, the party Labour, the Defense, Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Radiation Protection, a college and the Police Security Service itself, were all exposed to hacking.

A US Marine in Iraq explains why Trump's travelling ban makes perfect sense. When you hear what he has to say, you'll probably agree too.

Police have conducted raids against the French presidential candidate François Fillon in Paris.

A Muslim man with a machete attacked a soldier near the Louvre in Paris, before he was shot. French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve says the attack on the soldiers is a terrorist attack.

Swedish police have arrested three people suspected of having placed three timed bombs in Gothenburg. All of those arrested have connections to the Nazi organization Nordiska motståndsrörelsen (Nordic resistance).

Hundreds of Germans have bought weapons and ammunition illegally from an online store called "Migrants fright," and had the weaponry delivered by DHL.

Three Afghan asylum seekers in Austria were sentenced to five and six years in prison for a very brutal gang rape of a random victim. They claim they didn't believe rape was illegal, as "women have a different place in their homeland."

Rig giant Seadrill is struggling to survive and could become one of the largest bankruptcies in history.

A newly launched app that evaluates the safety of the locations in Sweden, will tell the Swedes which neighbourhoods to avoid.

The Swedish Migration Board promises to "focus on working with quality issues," after an audit reveals that half of the asylum seekers are not properly investigated.

EU's Donald Tusk sees Trump as threat to Europe, and said the change in Washington was part of an external threat that also included an assertive China, an aggressive Russia and radical Islam.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will no longer let the police fight the drug gangs, but it's only a temporary stop. First he needs to "drain the swamp" of corruption.

To try to get more immigrants with poor language skills into the labor market, the new Swedish language standard will now come with an accent.

You are fired: Donald Trump has fired the acting US attorney general, Sally Yates, after she questioned the legality of his immigration ban.

Islamic State sympathizers and militants predictably reacted angrily to President Donald Trump’s temporary halt on refugees while the government revamps its flawed security screening process.