ISIS hijacked Swedish radio channel to recruit
The terror group the Islamic State (IS) managed to hijack the Mix Megapol radio channel on Friday morning and play one of its propaganda songs, reports several media. The radio channel's frequency in Malmö was interrupted by a pirate transmitter and then a three-minute long propaganda song was played to recruit followers.

It was on Friday morning that residents of Malmö received an unusual broadcast from the Mix Megapol radio station. Suddenly an ISIS recruitment song called "For the sake of Allah" was played. This happened at 08.35, during the morning show with Gry Forssell and Anders Timell, according to Malmo24.se.

Mix Megapol has confirmed the information to Aftonbladet.

- Someone has interrupted our frequency with a pirate transmitter. We will report the incident to police and report it to the National Post and Telecom Agency, says Jakob Gravestam, Marketing Director at Bauer Media, to the newspaper, pointing out that an internal investigation has begun.

The intrusion was an attempt by the terrorist organization to recruit even more followers in Malmö.