- Newly arrived immigrants will get the best Swedish teachers
The best teachers in Sweden should not teach Swedish students but newly arrived immigrants, says the Liberal Party's leader Jan Björklund to SVT.

According to Jan Björklund, Sweden must improve the schooling of newly arrived immigrant students.

He wants to do this, among other things, by giving them the country's very best teachers. The money should be invested in schools with immigrant students so that the best teachers are also working there.

- They will learn the Swedish language quickly. They will get the best teachers by raising salaries in just those schools so that the best teachers are seeking there, he says.

Björklund further argues that there must be order in so-called vulnerable schools. The weakest students must get a good study environment, he points out.

He also wants to extend the school policy for those he believes are coming to Sweden in their teenage years. It is not enough that they only go to school for a few years and then stop.

- There are a wide range of measures needed to lift immigrant students' results in Swedish schools, says Jan Björklund.

Of course, the best teachers are probably too smart to look for a job in a war zone, so Mr. Björklund is likely just fantasizing. However, this is Sweden, where the strangest things are known to happen, at the expense of the native Swedes.