Massive march in London - The BBC ignores it
73,000 members of the anti-extremist group Football Lads Alliance (FLA) from across the country gathered in London on Saturday to protest against Islamic terrorism, but there was not a word about the large scale march on the BBC, even though they were there to cover it.

The protest, which FLA founder John Meighan said was arranged to demonstrate concern at the "recent upsurge" of UK terror attacks in the wake of the Manchester and London bombings, has been criticised by anti-racism charity Stand Up To Racism.

In his address to the crowd on Saturday, Mr Meighan insisted the crowd was made of "normal people" who wanted to unite against a common cause.

The swell of attendees formed a long channel of fans along the road, some wearing sports caps and carrying flowered wreaths in representation of their local clubs.

Tommy Robinson was there to report for the Rebel Media, and he had a little talk with the BBC, exposing them about branding and such, asking how they would present the march, which they actually never did as there was no "right-wing" violence to report, which they had hoped for.