Sweden helps open first rape lab in Somalia
The Swedish foreign aid agency Sida has helped open a Forensic Laboratory in Somalia to investigate rapes and other types of violence against women, reports Swedish Radio.

- This forensic laboratory is the first, and now it has become a center. There is nothing similar throughout Somalia, Sida's Barni Nur told SR.

It was this spring that the region of Puntland adopted a groundbreaking law which makes it illegal for Somali men to abuse and rape women as they please.

But neither the federal government in the capital Mogadishu nor the parliament in Somaliland have taken any similar steps to criminalize violence and rape.

And although it is great that women in Somalia are helped, it is a bit strange that the help comes from the rape capital of Europe, where the police do not even have the time and resources to investigate the many reported rapes in their own country:

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