Sweden: Armed forces and fire brigade ready for the hijab
The Swedish armed forces and the fire brigade join the police and allow the hijab as part of the uniform.

A few years ago, in 2011, designer Iman Aldebe designed the Muslim veil for the Swedish police, which the authority bought and started using. Now she has also designed a military hijab and one for the fire brigade. Once tested, the hijabs can be used.

According to Aldebe, both the defense and the fire brigade are very positive to the new hijabs. However, in order for the Muslim veils to be used, they must first undergo certain tests so that they do not start to burn for example.

- I have been in dialogue with them, but the hijabs must not be a fire risk or such. They are very positive about this, she says to GP.

Exactly when the armed forces and the fire brigade will buy and start using the Muslim veil is not clear, but since it's Sweden, this will likely be a highly prioritised task.