Violence and death threats at hospitals throughout Sweden
Death threats against hospital personnel. Female nurses who are called whores and told they will be raped. Personnel who do not dare to wear name tags out of fear of physical assaults after working hours - also against their children. Police with automatic weapons in waiting rooms. Whole departments are locked. Clan members who storm emergency rooms. This is currently the condition at Swedish hospitals, and it is not only found in the big cities, but applies throughout Sweden, the Human Rights Service reports.

SVT has asked 15 of the country's largest hospitals about incidents of threats and violence linked to shootings and crime. It turns out that several hospitals in other cities - in addition to the three largest cities - state that it is becoming more and more common that the mood turns threatening in this type of events. This includes hospitals in Norrköping, Borås, Västerås and Uppsala.

But it's not the ethnic Swedes who are behind this behaviour. These problems are imported, mainly from the Middle East and Africa.