New ad for Oslo Library reflects the reality
OSLO, NORWAY: In the period of 2008-2017, almost 15,000 Norwegians have moved away from Alna, Stovner, Grorud, Bjerke (which together constitute Groruddalen) and S√łndre Nordstrand in Oslo. At the same time, more than 12,000 non-westerners, mainly Muslims, have moved into the same districts. The trend is clear: non-westerners move in, Norwegians move out.

This is also reflected in the new ad for the Deichmanske Library at Stovner, which is moving to new locations and wants to inform people about it.

The Norwegian capital is home for an entire 63 percent of the immigrant population with Pakistani roots in Norway, while 35.5 percent of the Somalis in Norway, also reside in Oslo.

By 2017, a large number of schools in Oslo (52 out of 132) now have a majority of immigrant students.

It is not racist to say that the ethnic Norwegian population is being replaced in Oslo, it's simply stating facts.

So the new ad for the Deichmanske Library doesn't just show us what the future will look like, but what's already here.