He is behind the worst gang rape in Swedish history - gets to stay
Hedayat Rahmati (24), was one of the eight Afghan men who participated when a young Swedish mother was brutally gang raped an entire night at an asylum center in Sweden.

He was sentenced to deportation, but he is now free on the streets of Sweden, after being released from prison.

- Afghanistan refuses to take him back, said a source in the judiciary, to the Swedish news outlet Fria Tider.

The gang rape, which has been called the most serious offense in Swedish legal history, took place at an asylum center in Mariannelund in Småland in December 2011.

The Afghans had a party and wanted to get "a girl to fu_k". One of them, Rafi Bahaduri, who had been employed as an interpreter by the Migration Board, lured the Swedish woman to the asylum center by pretending that they would fetch liquor.

But it turned out to be a trap. When the woman came into the accommodation, the Afghans threw themselves over her and held her down while they took turns beating and raping her all night - with joy, laughter and applause.

The men raped the woman both orally, vaginally and anally, some times at the same time.

When police found the woman in the apartment the morning after, she was smeared in blood and in a state of apathy. She was injured so severely from the prolonged, sadistic gang rape that she had to sit in a wheelchair and be cared for in a psychiatric clinic for four weeks.

Initiated the sadistic gang rape

One of the eight Afghans, who on March 11, 2012 was sentenced to prison for the brutal rape was Hedayat Rahmati (24).

According to the verdict, Rahmati was the one who first tore off her clothes and pushed her hips, shoulders and legs down. He was also the first who raped the mother of a toddler.

"He was the one who started the abuse. The first time it was common vaginal intercourse. Then they took turns raping her. Both vaginally and anally. They pressed it (penises) so deep down her throat that she had difficulty breathing," reads the verdict.

After having served his six-year prison sentence, Hedayat Rahmati would be expelled from Sweden for 15 years, according to the verdict.

When he was released after only four years, it was thought that the 24-year-old would be flown back to Afghanistan last Sunday - but the deportation was canceled.

Can not deport to Afghanistan

The reason is that Afghanistan now refuses to accept its own citizens who are rejected or deported from Sweden.

- Now he is therefore released and set free in Sweden, said a source in the legal system, to Fria Tider.

Therese Söderin, group manager at the border police in Vasteras, can not comment on individual cases. She confirms that currently it is not possible to enforce deportations to Afghanistan.

- Forced returns to Afghanistan is bit tricky right now because Sweden is about to negotiate a new return agreement with Afghanistan. But on a voluntary basis, if one accepts the decision of deportation, then there is no problem, she says.

Police: Taking into account his integrity

Kjell Timmerolm, who is head of the border police in Vasterås, says that it is not possible to comment on individual cases, because one has to take into account the integrity of the deported persons.

- We do not disclose any names or such. It's confidential. It intrudes on privacy, he says to Fria Tider.

Another of the eight Afghans who were charged with the rape in Mariannelund was acquitted and received SEK 130,000 in compensation for the time he was detained. This despite the fact that it was proven that he had masturbated during the gang rape and had "his penis in the woman's face."