Britain First leaders arrested
Both Britain First's Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen have been arrested by Luton police and are currently being held at a police station in Kent, writes Britain First on its website.

At the request of Luton police, Golding and Fransen had to present themselves, not in Luton, but in a Kent police station because they did not want them to approach Luton in any way.

They were both arrested for the crime of wearing “political uniforms” while on a leafleting session in Luton several weeks ago.

A video captuering this particular activity was seen by almost 30 million people and clearly showed a barrage of racism, bigotry and violence directed at Britain First by the local Muslims of Luton.

To our knowledge, none of the local Muslims have been arrested, it says.

Britain First says the organisation will provide more updates as they happen.