Finnish Prime Minister advised not to accommodate refugees at home
The Finnish Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä, who became world famous last year, when he said that he would personally house refugees, will not open his home for asylum seekers anyway, for security reasons.

It was last September that Sipilä announced that he would accommodate asylum seekers in his family home in Kempele in northern Finland and urged others to do their part to help refugees too.

Now he admits that the plan has been dropped, but promises to support refugees in other ways.

- I asked security experts to assess whether it would be safe for a family with children to move into, but due to the great attention, it is not advisable right now, says Sipilä to the Finnish broadcaster YLE.

Critics reacted strongly to Sipilä statements last fall and believed it would be perceived as a mere call for refugees to come to Finland, which it was.

Finland received 32,000 asylum seekers last year, against 3,600 the year before.