VIDEO: Biker boss in Germany humiliated - transvestite wears his vest on YouTube
A seven-second video posted on YouTube is part of a conflict between Hells Angels and members of the Muslim biker club Mongols, that have been going on in Hamburg over the past few months.

In the video, three transvestites pose in the cool December evening, one wearing the stolen Mongols vest, while they say "Ich liebe Schwänze" - English: "I love cocks".

The video is recorded on Sct. Pauli's main street Reeperbahn in the city's world famous entertainment district, Sct. Pauli.

And the transvestite in the middle of the trio are wearing the vest belonging to the prominent Mongols member, Erkan Uzun, who is the boss of the local branch of the Mongols MC.

In the macho biker world, the humiliation is quite severe, and for a macho Muslim biker, devastating.

The video was shot on December 3, shortly after the biker boss had lost the vest during an assault in his own home.

On December 11, the Muslim biker gang replied with a video up on youtube, where the angry biker boss hurl abuses about the humiliation.

With local Hamburg dialect, there comes a variety of swearing from the bikers mouth:

'You are pussies, you have no balls, I will [email protected] you. You are dogs, I'm a man. You are hookers. I willingly take drugs and I like to [email protected] I [email protected] women. Not men - like you do ', says the biker in the video.

In between the many verbal outbursts, the 37-year-old biker manages to squeeze in his version about the assault in his own home and how he lost the vest.

According to the biker, the assailants broke into his apartment, where the head-mongol was overpowered and stripped of his vest.

The German chapter of Mongols MC was founded in Bremen by members of the local crime syndicate run by Lebanese immigrants in 2010. It was the first time that a Muslim clan-based crime syndicate in Germany became active in the field of outlaw motorcycle clubs.

The biker boss replies: