Schweinsteiger is not happy about Nazi doll
Manchester United's German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is considering taking legal steps to have a Chinese company stopped from selling a doll called "Bastian," writes the BBC.

The doll is dressed in a German Nazi uniform and is not dissimilar to the midfielder in appearance.

It is the Hong Kong based firm Dragon in Dream that is selling the doll, and a spokesman for the firm denies that the doll is based on the appearance of the German national team captain.

Schweinsteiger's support team earlier this week got its lawyers to look into the matter.

The doll is sold under the name "World War II Army Supply Duty - Bastian" and costs around $120.

The company denies that they have made a copy of the German star player.

- We do not sell any characters that are copies of footballers. It is purely coincidental that the figure "Bastian" is similar to Schweinsteiger, said the spokesman for the firm.

- We think and believe that all Germans look like this. Bastian is moreover a common name in Germany, he said.

The doll is available with different equipment. One will include a German steel helmet, a winter uniform with German insignia and badges where the Nazi cross is prominent.

- This is clear violation of Schweinsteiger's rights. Everyone has the right to their own image. Seeing him with a Nazi cross and as a German soldier is also a great insult, says Schweinsteiger's lawyer Ulrich Amelung.