Hand grenade thrown at police bus in Sweden
In a scene resembling those seen in the Middle East, a hand grenade was thrown at a police bus in the Stockholm suburb of Tumba night of Friday, a police source confirms to the newspaper Nyheter Idag. If it wasn't for the police bus's sturdy design, several police officers would probably have been killed in the explosion, the source said.

Around midnight on Friday, police officers in Tumba, were first stoned by 10-20 immigrants, then the police station in Tumba center was attacked with Molotov cocktails.

About an hour later a powerful explosive device detonated next to a police bus in Tumba, where four policemen sat.

- I have no details, but there was some shrapnel damage to this vehicle, said Lars Byström at Stockholm police to Fria Tider on Friday.

Now, one police source says that it was a hand grenade that was thrown at the police bus.

- I'm pretty sure it was a hand grenade. There are hundreds of shrapnel wounds, but also other evidence to suggest that it was a hand grenade, explains the police source to Nyheter Idag.

Thanks to the police bus's sturdy construction, a 4.6-ton Ford Tristar, the four policemen who were sitting in the vehicle survived without physical injuries.

- Had it been another car, we had in all probability had a couple of dead colleagues now, says the police source.

The investigation of the grenade attack against the police bus now has special priority within the police and is being investigated as a attempted murder.

- Specialists are now investigating it, says Lars Byström.

The Swedish police authorities have not yet officially confirmed that it was a hand grenade that was thrown at the police bus.