What is it?

What is it?
It was Australian Kim Davison who in early March posted the picture to the Facebook page Toowoomba Ghost Chasers.
The picture now goes viral on Facebook.

On this page, which is devoted to those who believe in the supernatural, users often upload photos they believe shows something mysterious.

- What do you think about this photo, Kim asked, and then it took off on Facebook, according to The Mirror.

In the picture you can see Kim, a girlfriend and three children bathing in the so-called Murphy's Hole in Lockyer River in Queensland. The image was taken in the summer of 2014.

Behind them we see what Davison is absolutely convinced is a ghost. Many believe that the picture shows a 13 year old girl, who drowned in the water.

The picture shows a white "face" with what is apparently dark eyes. On the sides of the head, there are two protrusions which Davison is convinced are horns.

Kim says she was terrified when they bathed in the water, and says that "something under water" went for her daughter's foot twice. Then when she went out of the water, she felt that someone was moving behind her.

- There was nothing between us when we took the picture. I hold the little girl and the white head beside me with horns is not human. That I can promise you, she writes.


The fingers are on my shoulder and on my daughter's arm. They are long, thin fingers.

An old newspaper clip from November22, 1913 shows that a 13 year old girl really drowned in the water.

"Doreen O Sullivan, 13 years old, the oldest daughter of James O'Sullivan drowned while she bathed in Lockyer Creek on Friday afternoon. It took an hour before the body was found. The place, which has always been seen as dangerous, is known as Murphy's Hole and is over six feet deep, "reads the note.

Furthermore, it is written that the girl was buried the day after the drowning accident, and that all her classmates was dressed in white for the occasion.

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Davison says that she is absolutely sure that there is something supernatural in the water.

- Something went for my daughter's foot twice. When I went back for a last bath to cool down, I felt something behind me, but I tried to ignore it. I'm sure it was a ghost, she says.

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