Disclosures from a NASA employee

Disclosures from a NASA employee
For 34 years, Clark C. McClelland was employed by NASA, as SCO, Spacecraft operator, responsible for astronauts' safety. Besides, for a period he was also director of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He is thus an insider with access to 'sensitive' information. After his retirement in 1992, he chose to tell.

During his childhood, McClelland was very interested in astronomy and managed to build his own telescope when he was 12 years old. He says that already then (1947) he began investigation the UFO phenomenon. His interest for the extraterrestrial has thus followed him throughout his life.

He joined NASA in 1958 and already in 1960 Major Donald E. Keyhoe, international director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), chose McClelland as director of the Kennedy Space Center. In addition to being the aerospace engineer and technical assistant to the Apollo program, he has also had important tasks in projects such as the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo moon landings. McClelland resigned in 1992 and has since chosen to tell the public what he knows about UFO's and visits by extraterrestrials.

He has lectured at many national universities including Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Berea, Montana State University, New York University, Idaho State, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and others. McClelland has also been interviewed numerous times on radio.

Some quotes

"In a conversation I had with Dr. Werner von Braun in 1969, I asked the famous scientist about visits by extraterrestrials: Why are they here? He replied as follows: "Clark, these other intelligences have explored the Earth for thousands of years. Earth is a nursery for many cultures from the stars. Humanity is actually a mixture of different groups with different backgrounds who come from distant planetary systems. This may explain the different languages, customs, culture, religion, food, physical appearance complexion, tall or short, and all the strife and war that exists on Earth"

"During my decade at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center a number of astronauts told me; It's not about how often they see alien spacecrafts when they are out in space, but how often it happens that they do NOT see anything"

"We are enslaved by our own governments and others who control us, and they conceal the cosmic secret that both small and large extraterrestrial have been observed here on Earth and exist among us. According to reliable sources, they work together with those who are trained and prepared to keep this secret, whatever the cost, so that those who steadfastly try to reveal this is referred to as crazy, ridiculous or deserve to get their personal lives destroyed. It has happened to many people, including myself "

Here it may also be appropriate to mention the letter recently sent by former astronaut Edgar Mitchell and the former Canadian defense minister Paul E. Hellyer to the NASA symposium about extraterrestrial life. The reason was that this symposium which was held in Washington in 2014, totally disregarded all the evidence that we already have been visited and have contact with other civilizations. The letter concluded: ”The discovery, presence and public revelation of sentient Extraterrestrial life and the vehicles that appear to manifest this presence is the greatest story in the history of humanity. All of the available documentation indisputably suggests the government of the United States, is in fact, withholding this information from its citizens and the citizens of the world.”

From a radio interview with Kerry Cassidy in March 2014:
”I tell the truth all the time. That’s what scares the hell out of this government and the world government. I know what is going on behind the scenes, because I was there. I saw things when I were there (at NASA), which I am not allowed to publish in my book. Worldwide I am blocked. I cannot publish my book everywhere on earth”.

To punish McClelland, the US authorities has tried to discredit his reputation and deprived him of his pension.

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