A priest with a mission: To kill his daughter's rapist

A priest with a mission: To kill his daughter's rapist
The man - a 35 year old Ethiopian Muslim - had repeatedly abused women. He got three years and three months in prison for a very brutal rape and an equally brutal rape attempt that gave long-term mental and physical damages for the victims. He was expelled from Norway. Nevertheless when Police Immigration released him he was right back out on the street, with them knowing that he was a ticking time bomb. Prison Director at Ullersmo country prison, Ellen Bjercke, was so worried that she even wrote letters and warned about the release.

But Police Immigration says they could not expel the man due to lack of cooperation from the Ethiopian authorities. Apparently they could not put him into custody either.

- The Immigration Act sets strict conditions for the use of detention, and if there is reason to believe that a person may not be returned within a reasonable time, detention is disproportionate, said director Ellen M. Hjelseth.

This is where this story starts.

It is a dramatic and unusual story. The girl who was raped in September 2005, was in fact a vicar's daughter.

The priest refused to let the incident crush him. He felt a justified rage against the man who had assaulted his daughter. But he did nothing. It was only when he realized that the authorities was about to release his daughter's rapist into society again that he reacted. The priest realized that responsibility didn't exist. How could the authorities release him? He felt that he had to do something. Maybe it was related to his role as priest and counselor. Should he just stand by and watch more people get destroyed?

As his daughter finally had got the matter at a distance, a new shock message came: The Ethiopian had been released.

- It came as a complete surprise. During the trial we were told that the perpetrator would never again be released in Norway. My daughter immediately feared that he would look her up. She was very anxious.

Three months after his release, on April 11 2009, the Ethiopian attacked and raped a new random woman - in the same studio apartment where he raped the priest's daughter.

- There and then I felt forced into a kind of self-defense - in recognition of the government's total lack of ability and willingness to protect women.

- To protect my own daughter and other women, I decided to go to Oslo to find the man. He was to be taken and mutilated - although it would cost me the job, he says.

With the priestly collar on he would trawl Grønland in Oslo - day and night. He consulted all African communities he came across.

- The outfit made sure I got respect no matter who I talked to. I said who I hunted and what he had done to my daughter and two other women, I experienced understanding even when I said I wanted him dead.

- I went to the police station and told them what I did. When I asked about obtaining a picture of the man, the officer said that he would be sacked if he gave it to me. Still he turned the screen towards me, so I got to see his face. I stood there for five minutes, he says.

It's almost like Jodie Foster in the movie The Brave One, or the movie Taken, with Liam Neeson, only without the special skills he has. But Oslo is not New York or Paris. Or maybe it is - and this story contains so many elements that it clearly tells us what kind of society Norway has become. It must be perceived as very unpleasant for all those who try to keep up the facade.

The story of the policeman who turns the screen is an interesting detail, one would think it was written for a screenplay, but it's not the grass-root of the police that has determined that it should be like this. The guidelines come from above, from the politicians. Therefore it sounds hollow when politicians says they will investigate. This is the official policy: rapists are released.

The priest never found the rapist thus never killed him, but if he did, he would, he claimed.

After a few weeks the rapist discovers one of his previous victims and her boyfriend walking on a street in Oslo. He then kicks her boyfriend, according to police charges.

But nothing happens, and a month later he attacks another young woman, "abused her with a knife, bites, suffocation, punches, kicks and headbutts her." the police report says, as he finally is arrested and later deported.


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