Khazouk - The next cruel step for ISIS will be to impale people on stakes

Khazouk - The next cruel step for ISIS will be to impale people on stakes
Prior to the Jordanian pilot Moaz Kassasbeh being burned alive, ISIS received requests from IS-loyal Muslims around the world to use even more cruel methods of execution, such as impale a person on a stake, Khazouk, which up until modern times was in use within the Ottoman Empire.

Khazouk, means that a stake is showed through the victim's anus or vagina, going through the whole body, and out through the throat, or the shoulders. It should be clear that cruel corporal punishment has been common and very innovative in its cruelty ever since civilizations began. The Assyrians for example, hung the Jews on meat hooks when they conquered Jerusalem and the Swedish kings frequently disfigured the captured Skåne population.

Yet the Ottoman Empire, through its systematic and persistent use of Khazouk and other cruel punishments, aimed at intimidating opponents in war and keep the population in check, is in a class of its own.

Calling the Ottoman Empire's rules a reign of terror is not to exaggerate.

What is remarkable is that the Turks insisted on using these cruel practices until their empire fell. Armenians and Assyrians were impaled on stakes during the 1915 genocide, and before that it had been used boldly during the Balkan Wars of the nineteenth century until these were succeeded by the Great War.

Today, when the IS's beasts revels in the gruesome atrocities, they refer to Muhammad's own deeds, but it's the Ottoman Empire they really are inspired by (too). It's the Caliphate they want to reproduce, and its use of cruelty to control the population is used as a blueprint.

It is thus only a matter of time before reintroducing Khazouk and other cruel methods to put fear in people. Sadists who they are they will sooner or later become bored by cutting throats, it will become dull and they will demand more.

They will also realize that there constantly will be required even more heinous crimes to maintain their exposure in the world media. Thus burning people alive and crucify and bury children alive.

Next step in ISIS cruelty will be Khazouk, just wait and see, unfortunately.

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