The Norwegian Pegida-leader lost his job

The Norwegian Pegida-leader lost his job
There has been much turmoil around the Norwegian Pegida leader Max Hermansen (54) the last two weeks.

During last week's Islam-critical demonstration in Oslo, in which Hermansen was the initiator, one of TV2 reporters was harassed on live TV. The incident received considerable attention, and Hermansen had to answer to criticism. However, many regards the incident as a setup from the Norwegian nation wide broadcaster, and the reporter, Kadafi Zaman, himself a muslim, made sure that the incident was made the top story, and that it was in focus for days. Kadafi Zaman covers most of the stories involving anything about Islam for TV2.

Also a competing Pegida group has been set up, with the purpose of splitting the Norwegian Pegida movement. The people behind that group are known to have sabotaged the largest anti-Islam movement in Norway, SIAN, by deleting their group on Facebook. It had more than 13,000 members at the time. Now they are at it again, this time trying to sabotage Pegida.

Today it emerges that Max Hermansen have been sacked from his job as a teacher.

Hermansen teaches at two public schools, but have been on sick leave because of bullying and threats from muslim students after they found out about his criticism of Islam on Facebook. He also had a part-time job at the Training Office for service and transport.

Now, however, his views on Islam has cost him the part-time job as a teacher there.

- I have notified him that we can no longer use him as a lecturer, says CEO Charles Galaasen to TV2.

- I have told Hermansen that the reason is his views of Islam which is not compatible with the Training Office for service and transport's values.

Hermansen disagree.

- This was bad, because I have been counting on that income this spring.

- I try to get leading politicians and others to see that we have an elephant here. And that we simply must do something about it, Hermansen says to TV2.

- Were you prepared for this?

- No, Hermansen responds, adding that there will be more Pegida-marches to come.

This week it became clear that the German Pegida founder Lutz Bachmann withdraws.

The reason was a picture of him, published in a number of German newspapers, where the 41-year-old is posing as Adolf Hitler.

Bachmann last autumn founded the Pegida organization.

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