VIDEO: Welcome to a Swedish no-go zone

VIDEO: Welcome to a Swedish no-go zone
This happened back in 2012, as the Swedish TV channel Kanal 5 made a show called "Den hemlige miljonären" ("The secret millionaire").

Some of Sweden's wealthiest people leave the luxury life to live a week among ordinary people. At the same time, nobody knows that this person is a millionaire.

The last day the millionaires reveals their identity, and are able to donate any amount of money from their private fortune to help the people they've met so that they can continue their work or improve their lives.

The hotel owner and milionaire Salka Börjeson Eynon, left the luxury life to stay in one of Malmö's roughest areas: Sofielundsvägen. From the arrival, she and the production team were exposed to the thugs controlling the area - the no-go zone. Viewers will see how the camera drops downwards towards the ground when the mood is becoming more and more threatening.

- Turn off the camera now, God damn it, one of the men who surrounds them screams.

- Then several others came and they shouted "We have our own rules. You have nothing to do here." It felt very unsafe, says Salka. "This is not Sweden", they said.

- It is not a question if whether they had weapons or not. Of course they had, she continues.

Staying on the ground floor did not make the situation any better.

- At first I thought what the hell, am I suppose to stay here on the ground floor. They have full control of every single apartment, she says.

The youths continued to harass her the following days.

- They stood outside and shouted "we know you're here, we see you all the time." It was really uncomfortable, says Salka.

The last day the production team decided to move her to a hotel.

- They tried to rip open the doors to one of the team's cars and started banging on it. A guy from the production team was in it. Then the production company said it was too dangerous, says Salka, and she compares the discomfort with the jungle's hazards.

- I've been chased by lions in Africa for real, but it was nothing compared to this. I have not been anywhere near those situations when you feel so very small, she says.

Dan Panas, the press officer at Channel 5, said about the situation:

- There were ongoing safety evaluations. Finally, it was considered that the threat was so serious that they moved Salka, he says.

Have the police been informed about the attack on the car?

- We are considering to report it, he says.

As you watch the below video, remember that this happened in 2012. It shows that Sweden has had a problem with no-go zones for quite a while, but instead of combating the problem, its politicians have made it worse, much worse, on the brink of lawlessness and civil unrest actually. The no-go zones in Sweden, where police have lost control, have been expanded to at least 55.

So, how did this happen?

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