Harassed 21 women and children in a month - demands asylum and benefits in Sweden

Harassed 21 women and children in a month - demands asylum and benefits in Sweden
The 27-year-old asylum seeker Mohammed from Syria is by Mora District Court indicted for sex crimes after harassing no less than 21 women and girls since he came to Sweden in September last year. His youngest victim was a four-year girl at a beach in Rättvik. Now Mohammed wants asylum in Sweden - which he most likely will be granted as all Syrians are to be granted permanent residence permit in Sweden after an agreement between the previous government and the Green Party.

Mohammed came to Sweden illegally in late summer and submitted his application for asylum to the Migration Board on September 29. He says he comes from Syria and that he wants a residence permit in Sweden because he was subjected to "robbery, looting and war" in his homeland, the report says.

He was placed at the asylum accommodation "Four horses" in Rättvik - a place that opened last winter, despite vigorous protests from people in the area. Behind the asylum accommodation is the hotel owner and the asylum contractor Margareta Asplund, a former politician who switched to the asylum industry and signed a lucrative contract with the Swedish Migration Board.

Mohammed has subsequently during the month of October harassed no less than 21 different women and girls in Rättvik - the youngest victim was a four year old girl. He touched and tried to kiss the four-year old girl while she was out walking with her father, but her father intervened and stopped the assault, the police report says.

On another occasion he followed a young mother who just left her daughter in kindergarten. Mohammed stopped the mother and asked her if he could buy her daughter.

- You know what a man needs, he said to the mother.

On a third occasion Mohammed stopped two thirteen year old girls on the street and told them that "I want to fuck you." The two girls fled the scene and sought shelter in a stairwell.

During the fall, Mohammed has been seen prowling outside the kindergarten, where the mother left her daughter, and the nearby primary school in search of young girls. In addition to the five girls and women mentioned, he molested another 16 girls and women of various ages - the oldest a 69 year old woman who was out walking her dog.

On October 28, the police arrested Mohammed and he was prosecuted for several cases of harassment and sexual assault. When he is sentenced, he will probably nevertheless remain in Sweden, since the previous government made a "migration political settlement" with the Green Party to grant all Syrians who come to Sweden permanent residence in the country. The settlement was reached, according to former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, in order to punish the voters who chose to vote for the Sweden Democrats.

Mohammed came to Sweden without identity papers.

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