Police in Dutch city Hague asked mosque to establish Sharia patrols

Police in Dutch city Hague asked mosque to establish Sharia patrols
In a number of European cities the police lose more and more grip on certain urban areas with a large Muslim population.

When police, paramedics and firefighters try to do their job in these areas, they risk being attacked with missiles, ranging from rocks to dangerous fireworks. In some cases, even shot at.

With this kind of aggressive behavior criminal gangs, Islamists and troublemakers tries to take control of these local areas and develop them into parallel societies.

In the Dutch capital Hague, on New Year's Eve, the police took the full consequences of this development. They simply refrained from maintaining law and order in two Muslim-dominated areas.

Instead, they made an agreement with the As-Sunnah mosque that it let young volunteers take care of the task. They formed Sharia patrols who patrolled the streets.

It is in itself most dramatic that the state gives up to enforce law and order and leave this task to representatives of a local mosque.

But when we take a closer look at the As-Sunnah mosque, the story becomes even more incredible.

The mosque represents a rabid fundamentalist version of Islam that goes under the name of Salafism.

The Dutch intelligence has described the mosque as a center of radical Salafism, which attracts young Muslims from all over the Netherlands.

Salafists want to abolish the Western democracy and replace it with a caliphate - a mindset which is also known from the Islamic State and Hizb ut-Tahrir.

The As-Sunnah mosque in Hague has been heavily criticized for the extreme views being preached in it - including the requirement that Muslims should not be integrated into Dutch society.

So this is the mosque, the police left in control on New Year's Eve. But it gets even worse.

The As-Sunnah mosque had a very nasty role in one of the most dramatic events in recent Dutch history: the murder of filmmaker and Islam critic Theo van Gogh in 2004.

The brutal murder committed by the radical Muslim Mohammed Bouyeri, belonged to the so-called Hofstadt group (Hofstadt is an old name for The Hague).

Many noted that the murder could very well had been inspired from the As-Sunnah mosque.

A few weeks before van Gogh was killed, the head of the mosque, Imam Sheikh Fawaz Jneid, held a speech against van Gogh and the well-known critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which van Gogh worked with. The imam asked Allah to send the two to death:

"Give van Gogh a disease that no one on earth can heal. Give him suffering that makes him long for death. Do Ayaan Hirsi Ali blind, give her brain cancer. Give her tongue cancer. "

In 2011 the mosque caused a sensation when it invited Mohamed al-Maghraoui to attend the opening of an offshoot of the mosque in Amsterdam. Al-Maghraoui had among distinguished himself by speaking of that nine year old girls could be forced into marriage.

So it's certainly not just any mosque the police in the Hague handed law and order to on New Year's Eve. It is a mosque which trains young Muslims to perform Sharia in its most literal form.

The Sharia patrols getting ready
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