Sweden: Police attacked with fireworks, fled the scene and left it up to residents

Sweden: Police attacked with fireworks, fled the scene and left it up to residents
A number of immigrant youths with rockets and firecrackers raised hell in a muslim dominated area on Tuesday evening. When the police arrived at the scene, they were fired upon with fireworks and retreated. A school was vandalized and a storage room was set on fire.

- It is completely outrageous. Is not supposed civilians who should do the police's job, says a local resident who was part of a group of adults who intervened to stop young people's rampage.

When the police came to Araby, a large number of youths fired rockets and firecrackers in the residential area. But when the police got there, they were instead targeted and forced to retreat.

According to several residents of the area, the police only returned several hours later, when a tool shed was set on fire.

During the evening several residents called the police to stop the inferno of New Year firecrackers.

- But then they said that the police won't send any patrol cars, because it will only escalate the situation, says one of those who called the police, a woman who witnessed the events.

- It has been going on for a few days. But now it was extreme, it sounded like hell, says a woman who got rockets fired towards her apartment.

She estimates that the number of young people to be between 40 to 50.
- Most were aged 10-14 years old, and the youngest I saw can not have been more than eight years old.

When the woman saw that a fire started in a storage building at the school at, she called the fire department.

- They were at least quick to come here. But then the youths formed a barricade and started shooting at them instead.

According to Fire Chief Conny Peterson, they then took the decision to wait.
- Yes, we had to back off while we waited for additional police patrols to come to the site.

The fire was not particularly extensive.

Residents in the area who realized that the police did not intervene against the youngsters decided to do something themselves.

- Meanwhile the police sat in their cars in full riot gear and did nothing. We went up against youngsters and then they began to disperse.

Only hours later the police intervened.
- They came with sirens and lights flashing, but then it was already quiet.

The man is very critical of the police's behavior.
- It escalated all the time, rockets were shot in all directions, it was unstoppable.
The youngsters were ravaging undisturbed for several hours.

- And the police didn't give a shit.
A woman who Smålandsposten talked to are strongly critical of the police.

- It is sick that they do not take it seriously. When they let themselves be chased away by kids, they think they have won and becomes even more arrogant.

Pernilla Wulf, of the Kronobergs Police, says that no person has been identified or suspected of a crime, and that no person have been injured.

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