Norwegian politician wants to move asylum seekers into people's homes

Norwegian politician wants to move asylum seekers into people's homes
As an alternative to the overcrowded reception centers liberal politician Rita Sletner suggest to accommodate refugees into people's private homes.

- We need to think about new alternatives, Sletner, says to the newspaper VG.

Parliamentary candidate for Østfold Left hope there may be rooms available to asylum seekers at Norwegian families.

- My suggestion is that we can have host families for asylum seekers. It would be very good integration, where asylum seekers have to deal with Norwegian culture, Sletner says.

She points out that a local reception center still must have ultimate responsibility for the applicants. Sletner do not think it will cause problems recruiting dorm hosts for asylum seekers.

- Just think of how many people line up for foster care, and think of how many people line up to help in drug abuse cases, she says.

Sletnes idea comes as a counter-proposal to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) desire to establish a floating reception center - a so-called accommodation unit - in Fredrikstad. UDI want to place a barge with 550 beds in Glomma, right in the center of Fredrikstad.

- 550 asylum seekers together and everyone loses. There will be conflicts, and it serves neither the refugees or the local authorities. Why not turn it upside down, and think smart, Sletner ask when she launches her innovative input.

In addition, to accommodate asylum seekers in private homes, the Liberal politician wants that the centers in Norway in general to be smaller.

- Small is beautiful. A reception with 550 units will not be integrative. Small units are much better if we want it to benefit the community. 550 in one place is storage, not integration, Sletner says, who has worked at a reception center.

Reactions on Facebook to the suggestions was mixed, but mostly negative (and funny).

One user said:

- Come to me and ask, I will fxxking chase them until they drown in their own foot sweat.

Another user said:

- Hahahaha, ask me!! Ask me!! I dare you!

Well, liberals are liberals. There are something wrong with them, no doubt.

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