The Islamic State warriors live the good life with exquisite food and swimming pools, while the poor and the sick suffer

The Islamic State warriors live the good life with exquisite food and swimming pools, while the poor and the sick suffer
From Raqqa, Islamic Stats capital of Syria, there are reports on how the holy warriors live a life of high society. Meanwhile the living conditions of the working class is worsening. It apparently creates a growing resentment against the elite of fanatical Islamists.

There have been pictures of fighters who eat at five stars restaurants and take a swim in the hotels' swimming pools.

They've got a raise, and they could eat roasted lamb during the Eid celebration. They have privileged access to healthcare. And they're pushing around the general population.

The population suffers increasingly under the soaring prices of food and gasoline. Health care for civilians is in decay. Doctors are leaving their jobs or run out of supplies. Hospitals closes.

A source that uses the false name Abu Ibrahim al-Raqqawi, told the American broadcaster CBS:

"As soon as they (the Islamic State) arrived, they became the community's elite. They got homes and various accommodations and cars - and they get a generous salary every month.

"Al-Raqqawi" continues:

"Recently a bombardment left many wounded, including Islamist fighters. We rushed to help and saw trucks from the Islamic State arrive and take the warriors to treatment, while civilians were just left behind. "

At the same time there are reports that boys as young as 14-15 years are ripped from their families and sent to training camps to become IS-warriors.

Residents feel that the Islamic State doesn't care that traders raises prices. At the same time there is a risk of ordinary people being hit by Sharia law punishments for even minor offenses - such as smoking cigarettes.

Special patrols are constantly monitoring if the citizens comply with Sharia rules. The al-Khansaa Brigade, is full of women operating in disguise - some of them comes from Europe.

On the social media platforms suckh as Facebook and Twitter holy warriors post pictures to tempt Muslims in the West that they can get a luxurious lifestyle if they adhere to the Islamic State. You can see an example here.

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It may seem like a strange contrast to the fanatical islamist messages that Islamic state is based upon. They are suppose to be strictly religious. But for many young people from Western countries, which are holy warriors, there is no contradiction.

Firstly, they are told by imams that 72 gorgeous virgins are waiting in paradise to please them if they die in holy war (jihad). Sex is according to the Quran a part of their reward.

Secondly their Islamic fanaticism with all sorts of expectations for the good life is what they have acquired during their childhood in Western societies.

It's sex, it's money, it's excitement, it's power, it's fame. Holy war simply provides a kick for many of them .

With weapons in hand they can have both sex and power in the form of rape of captured women - or just get a bewildered European Muslim teenage girl as "jihad bride". And they can get the city's best food at the hotels in Raqqa.

"Jihaad .. The goodly life !!", as it says in the picture with a nice car and a beautiful house.

The poor in Raqqa have to look at it, reportedly with growing anger. And lots of people die a brutal death, while the young warriors live their strange mix of religious extremism, sadism and reveling fantasies.

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