The American Muslim Brotherhood President - Barack Hussein Obama?

The American Muslim Brotherhood President - Barack Hussein Obama?
What if this is true and the American people and the world, have been tricked in the biggest hoax in history?

What if Barack Hussein Obama really is a muslim implant, a pre-appointed candidate for the Muslim Brotherhood, paid for by Saudi Arabia, in a secret, but some times very obvious scheme to conquer America and help establish the Islamic Caliphate?

They said they killed Osama Bin Laden, a bit strange to kill an allied, if they did?

He snuggled on his pillow, getting ready for a show in Las Vegas instead of leading a rescue team to Benghazi, where he let his buddy Mohammed Morsi arrange a Muslim Brotherhood attack on the embassy in Libya while dreaming of a successful raid to cover up the gun dealing to Al-Qaeda. Kurt Sutter would be inspired, cause it's like a good episode of "Sons Of Anarchy".

He pulls soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan, which is a good thing, but he's making them unemployed and on welfare. Maybe that's why he received the Nobel Peace Prize? Who knows?

While arming the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, he also shipped arms and money to the rebel forces in Syria, FSA (Free Syrian Army), a bunch of Jihadists from all over the world, trying to help bring Assad down, as he has succeeded with in several other countries in the middle-east. He continues to arm and supply "moderate" jihadists, and often bypass Congress to achieve his goals.

Of course that's part of the Muslim Brotherhood's plan, to clear the region of dictators and implement Sharia. As we now see with IS, ISIS.

He also promoted Sharia with his cousin in his "homeland of Kenya". Not my words, but Michelle Obama's.

Obama claims to be a Christian but why would a Christian wear a ring with the Arabic inscription "There is no God except Allah?"; which he understands very well by the way.

Why would a Christian even say the words: "My muslim faith?" - Could it be because he is one of them? Time will tell.

More: Could this really be the reason why Obama says ISIL, not ISIS?

Watch this video before you decide:

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