MP: - Sweden has received too many immigrants

MP: - Sweden has received too many immigrants
Like rats fleeing a sinking ship while trying to salvage their own legacy, Swedish politicians now admit guilt. Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson points out the obvious and says that immigration and integration have failed.

Integration in Sweden has worked so badly that immigrants should apply for asylum in other countries. This is what Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson says in an interview with DN. The limit is reached for how many asylum seekers Sweden can take.

Magdalena Andersson now paints a dark picture of the immigration and the so-called integration in Sweden.

It's not working and it has not done so for a long time, according to Magdalena Andersson.

It did not even work before the 2015 asylum wave.

According to the Minister for Finance, Sweden should not receive more asylum seekers than it is able to integrate. It will not be good for immigrants who come to Sweden and "it will not be good for society either," she explains to DN.

The situation in Sweden is so problematic that she believes asylum seekers should not even come to Sweden - for their own good. There is neither education nor housing. She does not close Sweden's doors, but urges asylum seekers to seek elsewhere if they want a future.

Those who still come to Sweden will not receive a good reception, she says. Sweden can not handle it.

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"They have more opportunities if they seek to another country," says Magdalena Andersson to DN, pointing out that the situation in Sweden is very strained.

According to Andersson, it takes far too long for immigrants to get jobs.

To find examples of successful integration, Magdalena Andersson points to the Bosnian war in the 1990s. Because then there was a housing surplus in Sweden, unlike now.

The Minister for Finance believes that Sweden should not have a much higher asylum reception than other European countries in the future. Everyone should follow common rules.

Magdalena Andersson says she is now aware of the situation, and that she even admits blame for her own party.

"There is reason for us Social Democrats to be self-critical. We should have been clear that we can not receive more than what society is capable of handling."

“Sweden,” Mr. Trump said. “They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

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