The Swedes are told to prepare for war

The Swedes are told to prepare for war
Although it may not be so dramatic as it immediately sounds, the fact remains: The Swedes have now been told to prepare for war.

Each individual should be able to manage for a week without help in case of war.

"The individual's own responsibility is an important part of society's overall ability," says Björn von Sydow.

This week the Defense Committee handed over a partial report on the total defense to the government.

Chairman Björn von Sydow believes that the planning and ambition level for the total defense has been neglected in the past 20 years.

"The society has undergone major changes since Sweden last had a plan for the total defense."

He calls the proposals presented a "social reform." The proposals include, among other things, the need to draw up plans for the protection of the population. Sweden's shelter facilities need to be reviewed and the health care's ability to adapt has to increase.

The Defense Committee believes that every citizen has a major responsibility to be prepared to be able to cope without government and municipality support during a crisis.

- Given the circumstances of crisis and war, we propose that the individual should be prepared to take care of his own livelihood and care for one week without public support.

In other words, start "prepping."

Earlier this week, the same committee also suggested a Nordic civil defense cooperation with Norway and Finland.

Blames increased readiness on Russia

It is highlighted in the report that the security situation has deteriorated in a global perspective and that this is largely due to Russia, which according to the report, has demonstrated the ambition of reaching political targets with military means.

- An armed attack against Sweden can not be ruled out. Nor can it be ruled out that military force may be used against Sweden. The total defense must be designed to meet a military attack against Sweden.

However, everyone with common sense understands that the biggest threat to Sweden is imported and comes from within, because it is not Ivan and Oleg who are smuggling military grade weapons into the country, raping women and setting off bombs.

At the same time, Björn von Sydow believes that the Defense Committee does not assess the likelihood of war.

- The Defense Committee does not claim to be able to assess the risks of a military attack.

“Sweden,” Mr. Trump said. “They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

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