Löfven: - The gods know we have problems in the country

Löfven: - The gods know we have problems in the country
Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven focused on the negative social trend in Sweden, with increasingly brutal crime and "integration problems," as he for once admitted that the country is in trouble, during his outdoor Christmas speech in Köping on Sunday.

Just a few weeks after George Soros for the first time shorted shares in Sweden, awaiting an economic collapse, meaning he will earn tons of money if (when) the market crashes, Löfven claimed that the Swedish economy is strong, to the approximately 300 listeners at Stora torget in Köping.

"But the gods know we also have problems in the country," he continued.

The Prime Minister mentioned various problems that the lack of "integration" of immigrants from the third world has resulted in. "We have too easily addressed the integration problems," he said.

During the speech, Stefan Löfven also condemned the escalating crime in Sweden, SVT reports.

"We have a crime that is scary and completely unacceptable."

However, how he intends to combat the escalating violence was less clear. Löfven talked about "justice, equal opportunities and jobs" as efforts to prevent crime, and that the police are to get more resources. All the usual phrases that have not worked till now.

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