Shaken politicians: Weapons are flowing into Sweden

Shaken politicians: Weapons are flowing into Sweden
Danish politicians are shaken over the amounts of weapons smuggled into Sweden. Now they want to help the Swedes to put an end to it.

Over 600 seized weapons.

That is the status when police in Malmö count up the weapons seized in 2016. Most of the illegal weapons used by criminals in the Swedish metropolis, come across the Öresund Bridge from Denmark.

PHOTOS: Guns are seized in Malmö - every day

- There is free passage to and from the border, and it is possible to drive right across the bridge from Denmark, or come in via ports on the south coast. It's incredibly easy to get weapons in, said Eva Westford, spokesperson for the Swedish police, according to Danish BT.

Shaken politicians

It is not only on the Swedish side there is an increasingly panic over the flow of everything from revolvers and hand grenades, machine guns and automatic rifles, and BT writes that the politicians are shaken by the amount of weaponry among criminals.

Denmark's Minister of Justice Søren Pape Poulsen said to the Danish newspaper that it is a problem they take very seriously.

- Possession and smuggling of firearms is totally unacceptable and highly criminal. I have asked the National Police to contact the Swedish police to see if we can help the Swedes to combat the smuggling of firearms to Sweden via Denmark, he says.

Want better controls and more seizures

Also Social Democrat politician Trine Bramsen is seriously concerned over the situation in Malmö, and she shares the minister's attitude that Denmark must do more. She also points out that the overall number of weapons seized in Denmark is too low.

In 2016, Danish police confiscated in total about the same amount of weapons that police in Swedish Malmö did alone.

- It is too low, and it shows that we have not had enough focus on seizures in recent years. We have asked the Minister of Justice to tighten up, and we have just processed a bill that increases the penalty for possession of firearms.

The Danish People's Party's Peter Kofod, believes that stricter border controls are necessary to deal with the weapons issue.

- We need a much stronger and more permanent border control, so that we can combat these problems and put pressure on the gangs responsible for the smuggling.

200 a year in Oslo

Roar Hansen, press officer at the Oslo police, says to Dagbladet that the amount of seized weapons in the Norwegian capital is far lower than in Malmö.

- In recent years we have seized about 200 weapons a year. It has been rather stable at this level for three or four years, he said.

He stresses that this also includes seized weapons that have not necessarily been involved in criminal activities.

15 murder investigations

Two weeks ago, Stefan Sintéus, chief of police in Malmö, told that they had 15 ongoing homicide investigations. In 13 of the cases the murder was committed with a firearm.

- They were committed both in 2016 and 2017. In 2017 we had four murders so far.

These shootings may be linked to criminal gangs. Sintéus it clear that it is not about structured gangs, like motorcycle gangs, but complex networks.

- In Malmö we have a dozen. They are not particularly organized, more comrades who know each other and build different networks.

At the same time Sintéus claims that crime in Malmö is decreasing, but that is simply because fewer victims dare to report the crime or they simply do not see the point, as little or nothing will be done with the case unless they are dead, and barely then.

In addition, Malmö has had an explosive population growth in recent years, which also helps in statistics when constantly spewing out the politically correct version and covering up the truth.

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