Principal after rape: All three are victims

Principal after rape: All three are victims
SWEDEN (of course) -- Two teenage boys who raped a girl remain at the school, while the girl must be taught elsewhere. All three are victims, says the Principal, who did not provide any information to parents that two rapists were among their children - "it would have raised a concern."

The rape occurred in Lund in May, and in December, the boy who was over 15 years old was sentenced for rape of a child, reports Sydsvenskan.

The girl (14) has not been to school since she was subjected to the abuse, but the boys remain. Several parents of other students have now reacted. The Principal says that it may be appropriate to do a review.

- This is something I struggle with and think about daily and hourly. It is something that I have a dialogue with the administration about, says the Principal.

The girl is still enrolled at the school.
Why she taught elsewhere?

- Because she can not bear to go to school as usual.

Because of the two boys?

- Yes you could say that.

Yet it is they who are left?

- That's how it is.

How did you think?

- It is a delicate problem. We've talked about it at the administrative level. The verdict was delayed for six months.

The Principal says that the school has acted properly.

- I think that we would not have been able to do it differently. But yes, it's hard to say what is right and what is wrong in this situation.

Many parents have contacted the school, and writer Ann Heberlein wrote about the incident in an article on

The Principal will now consult with the school board again.

- There are many parents who have reacted and I can understand that. At the same time, there is a whole lot that we must take into account. All three are students and all three are in a way victims in this, says the Principal.

How do you mean that all three are victims?

- All three are children. The boy who now has been sentenced got a pretty severe punishment and that in a way makes him a victim.

The 16-year-old boy was sentenced to juvenile detention and youth service for 100 hours, and to pay SEK 100,000 in damages to the girl.

The other boy, who was under 15 when the rape took place, is not criminally responsible, and the case has been handed over to social services.

The school has not gone out with any information to the parents about the incident.

- When we were considering it, we risk assessed it and we also thought that it might pose more trouble for those involved. But also that we would have raised a concern.

There is no obligation for the school to go out and announce that there is any student who has been convicted of rape.

- The Principal must, based on the knowledge he has, take whatever steps he deems necessary to ensure security and peace to study, says Elizabeth Malmstedt, director of the School Inspectorate in Lund.

In that sense it does not matter if a student is convicted of something or not.

- If the Principal believes that students can remain, teaching can be conducted and the other students can be assured security, there is the possibility, says Elizabeth Malmstedt.

The Principal emphasizes that parents and students can feel safe.

- We have a contingency if anyone would feel anxious, through our student health team.

When all the students know what happened there will be some questions.

- The teachers have a strategy. They answer that it happened a thing that has had legal consequences, the guilty have been sentenced to the extent that they can be judged, and we can not do anything about it. It was something that happened in their spare time and it has had legal consequences.

But it was preceded by an extensive bullying at school?

- It depends on what you mean by that. The girl was exposed, and we worked with it and got right in there basically, just before this happened. It had gotten better.


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