Tim Pool threatened in Malmö - you will be shot

Tim Pool threatened in Malmö - you will be shot
SWEDEN -- American journalist Tim Pool, who was invited by British journalist Paul Joseph Watson, and now reports from Malmö, has received a death threat and been told to leave the city or get shot. Imagine that.

On Sunday he received a threat through Facebook, reports Expressen.

The anonymous sender says Pool "will be shot" if he does not leave the city.

- A person who expresses himself like this, it's a real challenge to know what to do. Is it a serious threat, or just a dumb kid on the Internet?, says Tim Pool.

Kvällsposten's Federico Moreno on Friday met Tim Pool, a journalist from Chicago who is in Malmö to report from the now world famous city. He had received some harsh comments prior to his visit, but said he felt safe in Skåne's capital.

- Many residents of large US cities laugh when talking about Malmö as a dangerous city, said Tim Pool then.

He also told that some warned him of coming to Malmö and Sweden, while others said that it is completely harmless.

- Many people on the left will probably not like our report. For they do not think there are any problems in Sweden at all. They refuse to believe it. They say that I belive in fake news.

Do not know what to believe

On Sunday morning, Pool Tim received a death threat to his Facebook account, which he talked about on Twitter, where he also published the threat.

"Do not go to Värnhem or Rosengård again. You are fu*king with the wrong people. We do not want your shit here in Malmö. We know that you stay at centralen so don't make any jokes with us. There are people looking for you in södra innerstan (south inner city, ed.) and Fosie. Get the fu*k out of Malmö, or you will be shot, "writes the unknown person.

Tim Pool does not know what to believe about the threat.

- I do not know who it is. Many I know have said that it does not sound like someone who is from here, he says, and continues:

- But in this case it may be about a foreign person - who is in Malmö.

- A person who expresses himself like this, it's a real challenge to know what to do. Is it a serious threat, or just a dumb kid on the internet?

He writes on Twitter that he is considering discussing the matter with the Malmö police, and that others have advised him to do just that.

"Many people say that the threat is not credible, but that I should talk to the police," he wrote on Twitter on Sunday morning.

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