Reinfeldt: Sweden will be safer with increased immigration

Reinfeldt: Sweden will be safer with increased immigration
Sweden's former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says in an interview that Sweden will be safer with increased immigration, that crime in Sweden decreases, that Le Pen is a threat, and that Trump does not know American history.

He also says that he does not regret the liberal immigration policy of the Conservatives when he led the party. At the same time, he claims that crime in Sweden decreases.

It's in an interview with Aftonbladet Morgon that Fredrik Reinfeldt, among other things, directs harsh criticism towards US president Donald Trump and his tough approach to immigration.

Reinfeldt says he thinks it's strange that Donald Trump is trying to say to the Americans that it is not a good idea to let immigrants into the country.

- Then you have to wonder; how do you think the United States became the United States?, says Fredrik Reinfeldt to Aftonbladet.

(Tales from the grave: Sitting Bull is nodding.)

He further says that Marine Le Pen, leader of the French National Front, is the "single biggest threat to Europe right now," and Reinfeldt fears that Europe will fundamentally change if both the UK and France leave the EU.

Fredrik Reinfeldt also says that it is "more important than ever to examine the facts," and that the picture of Sweden that is now spread is not correct. According to Reinfeldt, events like the riots in Rinkeby only convey a false message that it does not work when many nations gather in the same country. But it certainly does, he claims.

Unlike what the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson and Mattias Karlsson wrote in The Wall Street Journal this week, Reinfeldt instead claims that crime over time is decreasing in Sweden. And that the number of rapes has increased, just depends on factors such as higher acceptance for reporting rape, he argues.

Asked if he had ever been self-critical to the liberal immigration policies he pushed as prime minister, which culminated in his famous "Open your hearts" speech in August 2014, Reinfeldt responds:

- All decisions made must be understood there and then, in the reality that exists. I have on several occasions shown that I simply believe in an open society. I think people have the ability to develop, it is also true when crossing borders and going into a new life.

Interestingly enough, the same newspaper reported just last week, that the pile of criminal cases in Sweden is growing higher, and that increasingly more cases remain unsolved by the police, but even with their own information as sources they were unable to question the statements from Reinfeldt, which is not exactly remarkable journalism.

"We have fewer murders - it is good to know the facts" Reinfeldt said, which of course is true if compared to for example the Viking era.

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