New gang rape film in Sweden - no staff to investigate

New gang rape film in Sweden - no staff to investigate
A group of men filmed themselves when they raped a woman and then put the video on Snapchat. But despite that there is a film of the assault where the perpetrators names are mentioned and their faces are visible, the assault is not being investigated by the police.

- We are out of staff at the moment, explains police investigator Therese Ottosson to Fria Tider.

It was in the morning of January 7, that a girl in the Gothenburg area noticed a film on Snapchat, where several men take turn in molesting a woman. In the video, the woman is called "Swedish" and "fatso" and the men encourage each other to "fu*k her in the ass."

Freelance journalist Joakim Lamotte has received a copy of the video and has highlighted it on his Facebook page. There he writes that the girl told him about the video and that his mother the same day went to the police in Gothenburg to make a complaint.

- They sat and ate cheese puffs, and seemed to think that I disturbed them. At first they did not know what to do to be able to receive the film, but then they agreed to provide an e-mail address so that I could send it over, she says.

Lamotte's mother says that the police's interest in the rape on the film, despite the fact that she knows what one of the men in the video is called, and even where he was at that moment, was not that important. Now, just over a month and a half later, police have still not done anything with the video taped assault.

According to police investigators Therese Ottosson, who Lamotte has talked to, it's because there are no resources to investigate the alleged gang rape.

When Fria Tider calls Ottosson, she confirms what Lamotte writes on his Facebook page.

- We are out of staff at the moment, she says, but adds:

- But we will investigate when we have vacant staff of course.

She would otherwise not say anything about the non-existing investigation of the suspected rape.

- Unfortunately, I can not comment on it, as there is an ongoing investigation and that is something I can not comment on.

Can you understand if the public gets upset when there is evidence, but nothing happens and the time just goes on?

- What is the evidence you're talking about?

There is a film that portrays this, where you can also see who the perpetrators are, and that ought to have some bearing for an investigation?

- The investigation will show that when we start to look at it, says Therese Ottosson.

Now raise a hand if you think Trump may actually have a point about Sweden.

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