Bildt (almost) invites Trump to Sweden

Bildt (almost) invites Trump to Sweden
Sweden's former Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt attacks US President Donald Trump in an article in the Washington Post.

Bildt makes it clear that he does not share Trump's view that immigration has led to major problems in Sweden, and (almost) invites Trump to come visit.

"I regret that President Trump is slandering our country in his attempts to find reasons for what he wants to do in closing off the United States. I suspect that his actual knowledge of the issue is extremely limited. If it were not for the massive turmoil that could ensue, I would urge him to skip one of his golfing weekends and come to us and see for himself," writes Carl Bildt in the Washington Post.

So what would it look like if Trump actually accepted the invitation and went to Rinkeby or Rosengård, or any of the more than 50 no-go zones that have established in the country?

It would of course be security like never before in the city. Police would be involved, the Army, the Navy and the Airforce probably, Secret Service, choppers in the air, snipers on every rooftop.

Trump could then take a peaceful risk free stroll across Rinkeby Square, where not a single thug would come anywhere near him. He would meet and talk with people who had been properly vetted and security cleared only.

This does not apply to ordinary citizens though, who live there and are frightened:

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It would also be a meaningless stroll for the many rape victims in Sweden:

Raped woman found outside - too shocked to talk

Sex slave found chained in basement of immigrant cafe in Sweden

Swedish court ruling: Two months in prison for a rape and a half

These are just a few examples. Unfortunately there are many more.

There would also be no robbers anywhere near Trump, unlike what happened to my friend in broad daylight recently:

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So instead of (almost) inviting Trump, Bildt could try to go to one of these places for himself, without any security detail and live there for a week. He could then write a new article in in the Washington Post and report how it went. It should include lots of snapshots, and hopefully he would not end up in the same trouble as others who have tried:

READ: - Delete, delete, delete

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VIDEO: Welcome to a Swedish no-go zone

You know, like that, Bildt. Prove it with actions and not only words from inside your protected bubble. Go see for yourself, tell us about it after.

PS! Please don't bring your wife.

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