Watson on Sweden

Watson on Sweden
I have to admit, when I watched Trump speak about Sweden during the rally in Florida, and he said "look what happened yesterday" I was rather puzzled. What have I missed now, was my first thought. Because there is a lot of bad stuff happening in Sweden all the time.

And anyone who follows this site knows that there is a special interest in Sweden, as it close to my heart and not far away. Thus Trump's statement was immediately unclear, but he explained later that he was referring to a clip on Fox News.

So, after ridicule from the leftist media, the Swedish government, and all those who support the blatant MADNESS that is going on in Sweden - since nobody had blown up anything or massacred a lot of people - large violent riots erupt - two days later.

In a country where the police have a special code for covering up immigrant crimes, the government plain out refuses to provide statistics about it, where a policeman is reported to the police - by the police - for telling the truth, where shootings occur on a weekly basis, cars are set ablaze every weekend, stones and hand grenades are flying, and police fear and avoid areas, it goes without saying that Trump is right. But if you believe the deceitful Swedish mainstream media or the Swedish politicians, except from the Swedish Democrats (SD), you'll continue to live in a bubble of false security - for now.

The era of Abba is over. A new, dangerous era is in motion. I'll let one of my favourite journalists, Paul Joseph Watson, explain it, and he is absolutely 100 percent spot on:

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A group of 30 violent anti-Trump thugs attacked a march of about 2,000 Trump supporters. Wonder what they thought would happen?

Research shows that spiders around the world consume more food than the human population, and thus prevent disasters.

Investigators have been ordered to investigate traffic violations instead of other more serious crimes, as "Project Alcatraz" has been launched. Police now fear even more crime.

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