My Swedish friend was just attacked and robbed

My Swedish friend was just attacked and robbed
I have 512 friends on Facebook. Most are from Scandinavia, many from Sweden. Every day I see them share more or less shocking images of the increasing violence in the country, and the ethnic Swedes are always the victims.

Most incidents are given a little notice in the local newspaper, and some are so severe that they reach the national press, like the gang rape of a woman in wheelchair, or when some maniac pushes someone in front of a train, or the many murders in the country.

The everyday violent crime that the Swedes are exposed to, however, is given little attention in the media. One could of course argue that these stories are posted by individuals and victims, or the family of a victim on their private Facebook page, and thus it is somewhat unlikely that any journalists would see it. But many of these bloody Swedish incidents go viral on Facebook, all over Scandinavia, and that no journalists would see it and show any interest in reporting on it, simply shows that they have no desire in letting people know how bad it really is out there, or they seriously need more variety in Facebook friends, as they are clearly not picking up on the world outside the comfy bubble, unless it's written on CNN.

"A 60-year-old man was robbed early Saturday morning at the central train station in Helsingborg," reports HD Helsingborg, in an imageless notice.

"Two people attacked him and tore off a necklace.

In connection with the robbery the man was injured, so he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital with head injuries. Police have gone to the hospital to talk to 60-year-old and get more information about the attack, but it is unknown which information has occurred.

And the attackers remain unknown," reports the newspaper.

If the journalist had any interest, he would of course easily find out what had occurred and who the perpetrators are, as my friend said so on Facebook, in a post that is now going viral, as so many others.

"Bones are visible and could not be patched up, in need of more visits [to the hospital] both skull and broken bones that could not be fixed. FU*KING MUSLIMS I SAY NOW!" my friend writes, which pretty much fits the image given by the Swedish policeman Peter Springare a couple of weeks ago:

Swedish policeman reported to the police for telling the truth

My friend is now one of the many victims of violence by immigrants in Sweden. Unfortunately it is not allowed to show any statistics about it, the police have its Code 279 to cover up immigrant crimes, and the media and the politicians either turn the blind eye to what's happening, or are blind... No, they turn the blind eye sadly.

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