Wilders, Le Pen, Nexit, Frexit

Wilders, Le Pen, Nexit, Frexit
March 9 is the most likely date for the UK to activate Article 50, thus pulling out of the EU.

On March 15, there are elections in the Netherlands. Here Geert Wilders' party PPV (Freedom Party) is expected to win big.
Wilders demands that the Netherlands leave the EU.

On May 7 comes the big showdown in France. Front National, which wants France out of the European Union, stands for a clear place in the final. Here, the leader Marine Le Pen, in all probability is going up against either the Socialist Party or the Republican Party for the presidency.

The Socialist Party has been strongly weakened during Francois Hollande presidency, as he has been the most unpopular president in French history.

Republican Francois Fillon is by many hoped to defeat the popular Le Pen. And even many socialists are expected to vote for Fillon just to prevent Front National of becoming victorious.

Scandal weakens the Republicans

Fillon is, however, greatly weakened after it emerged that he paid millions of tax money to his wife for work she has not actually performed.

Both Fillon and his wife has been questioned by the police. If the Fillon couple is found guilty, the Republicans must out and find a candidate in record time. In that case, the party will probably lose the first round in April, which means Le Pen is faced with a historically weak Socialist Party and less competition from the Republicans.

Fillon's popularity is due particularly to his highly critical views on immigration and Islam. It is therefore expected that a large part of his electorate will vote for Front National, if the choice is between them and the Socialist Party.

And if both Wilders and Le Pen are victorious and push for a Nexit and a Frexit, the EU obviously crumbles. It is then basically left with a deeply indebted euro, a Greece in economic chaos, Italy in both political and economic chaos, and Germany - the Union's driving force - which is heading for another iceberg: Islamic terror, after letting in millions of paperless Muslim migrants and refugees.

Before the summer is over, the EU could be stone dead.

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