- In the schools, one can see the war coming

- In the schools, one can see the war coming
After the Swedish policeman Peter Springare took to Facebook to explain who are behind the serious crime in Sweden, more people now come forward. They take to social media or alternative media to tell their stories, as established mainstream media refuse to do it.

This is written by a high school teacher and published on the Swedish alternative news site Avpixlat, where he pretty much predicts a civil war coming:

As I work in the Swedish school I put myself at great risk by publishing these thoughts, but after Peter Springare bravely challenged the establishment, like David against Goliath, through his Facebook posts, I feel that I am ready to give the image of how I, and more and more other teachers with me, think about the school. It is not a pretty image. Previously I have published opinion pieces about the school, but now I'm thinking it's time to seriously talk about this.

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I have worked as a teacher since 2005, with a break for sick leave, and I have a background from the Swedish left movement. Nowadays I work as a high school teacher in English and history. I accuse the current government of being non-legitimate. When parties are denied the right to show commercials, have their meetings sabotaged, their members are beaten with government approval, and the party constantly is attacked by state media, then the democratic process has disappeared and the governments formed during such elections is, in my view, not legitimate. I am not loyal to any party, should be added, not the Sweden Democrats either, but Stefan Löfven is #notmyprimeminister.

There is a rising public opinion even among the teachers, who believe that scientific teaching should come before political indoctrination. I know several teachers at several schools who are critical to how schools are acting like useful idiots for politicians and the media. I myself have participated in inquisitorial pogroms against critical thinking students at the time when I believed the media and politicians. It is something I deeply regret.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments since the 1960s, as well as the established media for this development.

Personally, I know many non-assimilated youths and feel a strong sympathy for many of them. Many want nothing more than to be naturalized Swedes. But they know that the price is a racist stamp on the forehead, broken family contacts, no support from the surrounding community, and in many cases open death threats and in some cases even torture and murder. All while the new Soviet media and its easily frightened lackeys in politics, are happily talking about the "humanitarian" superpower.

I know students who were raped by relatives, but did not dare to proceed with the complaint because they were convinced that their other relatives would kill them. I know students who lived in areas where they have not dared to testify about murder, and teachers from the academic middle class who talked about them as if they lacked courage. I know students who have not dared to take off the hijab because they were afraid of being beaten and raped by male acquaintances. I know students who did not dare say which religion they believe in, because they were afraid of groups of students with sympathies for the Islamic state who would beat them up. I know ethnic and naturalized Swedish students who talk with an accent, when they in fact know Swedish well, just to avoid being ostracized. I know students who use "fu*king whore" or "fu*king fagot" as the standard greeting to ethnic and naturalized Swedes.

I accuse the governments I consider non-legitimate to have fueled all the present conflicts. The Swedish "feminist" Government is #notmygovernment, the Swedish media is #notmymedia.

Some non-assimilated students have openly said that they hate white people, they hate Jews, they want Sweden to have Sharia law. I have met students who had a lengthy discussion about their vision for a world "where all the whites have been killed" and that therefore "racism does not exist anymore."

Unlike the academic left-liberal middle class, I talk to these students. I respect them, regardless of their views or values. They are people whether they advocate Sharia laws or claim to want to execute anyone who is like me. Opinions are respected but countered politely and objectively. As an individual, I work to try to give them a good life, as a citizen, I see civil war's cruel mechanisms creeping ever closer to my school everyday. Wars are fought not by a monster, but by ordinary people with ordinary prejudices, who happen to be on the opposite side in a conflict.

That the grades have plummeted as a result of the lack of assimilation should hardly come as a surprise.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments, and the established media for this development. I do not believe for a second that developments are due to the naivete of the rulers. They know that their whole power rests on division and falsehood.

The non-assimilated students sometimes get the impression that the ethnic and naturalized Swedes are "gay" or "whores" to put it drastically. The effect is that the Swedish and naturalized Swedes pull back into their own groups, as teachers and other adults completely ignore their concerns and prejudices quickly spread that all the Muslim and black youths are beating and gang raping both boys and girls, all because politicians and the media refuse to release relevant information to the citizens. The more we hate each other on the ground floor, the more power they get on the top, and the more money they can put in their own pockets.

Since many years, we have built a segregated school, with non-Muslim students in one group and Muslim and African students in the second group. It is no "racist view." It is a description of the reality in Swedish schools today. A situation created by politicians and the media who will do everything to deny that what I write is true and therefore portray it as if I attack all immigrants.

I see them every day. The ethnic and naturalized Swedish youths. They almost hide in the classrooms. All the space is left to the non-assimilated youths. The exception is the occasional people who have been completely indoctrinated and put all the blame for all the problems on "racists" and "men". They also take up much space with their hate-filled tirades, accusing everyone except the guilty politicians and the media.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments, and the established media for this new Soviet development.

And I know colleagues who ignore it or even encourages behavior that allows the non-assimilated students to behave any way they want, because they "have a hard time," happily watching how the ethnic and naturalized students are creeping farther back in the classroom. They know that they are no longer wanted. Screaming "racist whore" or "ISIS will fu*king cut you" is the new black. Gently asking if the Swedish culture is also good sometimes, means ostracism, assault, threats and bullying. I've seen it happen many times and I understand that the ethnic and naturalized Swedish students, as well as the still non-assimilated students who love the Swedish society as it once was, are almost 100% silent. No one wants to appear with "racist" written across the forehead.

Fortunately, the social climate is slowly changing. But I know what kind of future we'll get if no one dares to speak. I know and have known many immigrants from the former Yugoslavia. I know how most of the civil war starts. They start by groups forming after ethnic or cultural fault lines, they start by established media unilaterally inciting against certain groups, they start by the responsible politicians constantly trying to divide the population and use certain groups as a weapon to retain power.

Some teachers react. They are not so many. But they are some. I know several women teachers with a background from North Africa and the Middle East who refuse to accept the circumstances. If the non-assimilated youths will become naturalized Swedes and good citizens, or if they will turn into a professional criminal army, like the militias in the Kongo-Kinshasa or the former Yugoslavia, depends entirely on whether the rest of society dares to follow in these brave women's footsteps.

To even mention that the newly arrived students are often channeled into the regular high school classes within one year of arrival, and thereby destroying every opportunity to engage in proper education because their Swedish in many cases is on a small preschool student's level, seems almost petty in this context. The individual teacher are given the full responsibility for the teaching success, with the result that the entire class' academic performance drops. For these students, the approved score that municipal leaders incite their teachers to put, is not worth more than the ink. I know that even ethnic and naturalized young people have difficulty getting jobs. What will happen to the non-assimilated students who did not even manage to reach the watered out grade that the teachers are forced to put? Crime awaits for some, and the route there is lined with good intention and slogans from power-hungry politicians and an equally power-hungry media elite.

That many Muslim students do not feel at home in Sweden because Sweden does not have Muslim laws is nothing new. I understood this when I started working as a teacher in 2005, when 90% of all non-assimilated immigrant students saw themselves as "Kosovars", "Bosniaks" and so on. Then I was even strongly leftist. Anyone who wants to solve the problems has to accept that today we have a deeply fragmented population, segregated by ethnicity and culture. We therefore need to solve the problems of the same type as Lebanon.

Please do not label me with some ridiculous hashtag like #noracism without grasping the problems for once in your power-hungry politically correct small white middle class life.

I could list worries - the mother who said it was good that her son had assaulted a school bus driver because he "did not respect him"; the brother of a student who showed up at school with a weapon to threaten another student, even though he knew the student was innocent, just to preserve the "family honor"; the student who was ostracized by her family because she had had sex before the marriage; the student who was threatened with murder by his brother who wanted to defend the "family honour" because he had found a girl of his same age; the student who wanted to "circumcise all the Swedish girls"; all the ethnic and naturalized Swedish students who nowadays no longer receive proper support and help because the large majority of resources go to the newly arrived; or the teacher who without blinking claimed that Donald Trump advocated nuclear war with Russia, without any factual background. But all of these examples are just like little grains of sand on top of a school where all moral concepts are set on hold and ethnic divisions are cemented, deepened and celebrated, using the Orwellian term "multiculturalism."

I accuse all of Sweden's non-legitimate governments of divide and rule since freedom of expression began to be put as an exception in the 1960s. Gradually they have transformed a prosperous country with a strictly regulated but generous immigration policy, where immigrants assimilated to naturalized Swedes, to an anarchist society where the school is the first front line in a cultural war that is driven by the political and media elite, a society that no longer even can be regarded as a multicultural country, but, and this is surely the most terrible of all, an ethnically divided country, as Tito's Yugoslavia or Mobutu's Zaire. In school, the effects are seen every day. The legendary Swedish cohesion is dead. A new unstable semi-developing country has been created.

Remember that when the Olympics were held in Sarajevo in 1984, there was hardly anyone who believed that the country just eight years later would be the scene of the most heart-breaking civil war in Europe since 1945.

Eight years.

That is how long it took for the ethnically divided country, on the surface so peaceful, to move from the Olympics to full-scale civil war.

That means it's in 2025, if society continues the way it does. When the militia one day arms the students with automatic weapons and start shooting all Muslims or all non-Muslim pupils, it's too late. In Srebrenica in 1984 they probably didn't think that no more than ten years later, the city would be surrounded by mass graves. In Umeå, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, there are few who even dare to think about the future if non-legitimate politicians continue the power madness in symbiosis with the media. In the schools, one can see the war coming. If you want to see. Which you do not want if you receive a hefty Minister salary.

Sweden is not immune from civil war. Especially not when the media and politicians help to whip up hatred between the ethnic groups that exist in reality. The media and the politicians are fully aware of the situation. They divide and rule in order to maintain their power. Lack of seeing the reality can not explain it. Everything is clear to all who choose to see. Those who seek power will always find ways to divide people and call it compassion.

I do not care about people's race and sex as long as no one screams discrimination. The negative effects on society some non-assimilated students can present in the form of anti-social behavior is matched by the pathetic cowardliness and political correctness that many ethnic Swedes suffer from. The fact is that the naturalized Swedes are often the most sensible.

The situation is thus extremely serious and I blame the development on the establishment's non-legitimate politicians and the media elite who shamelessly use ethnic groups as bats, without caring about who are damaged.

John Dübeck
High school teacher of English and history.

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