Allen B. West: 'It's all fun until someone gets hurt'

Allen B. West: 'It's all fun until someone gets hurt'
"I can’t hold this back any longer," Allen B. West starts on his blog, where he believes that an "accident" is bound to happen. And he is most likely right of course, as there is a line. Once that line is crossed, violence will be met with violence, either by the police, or as he fears, by opponents of the anti-Trump protesters and the far-left Antifa:

"In the past 72 hours, we’ve seen vicious and violent attacks and assaults by the leftist progressive socialists against conservatives. And I want to warn these savage anarchists and rioters just as the ol’ folks would advise us, “it’s all fun until someone gets hurt.”

The images emanating from inauguration day, California-Berkeley, and NYU need cause us major concern. That, combined with the lack of any condemnation from Democrat Party leaders and the embracing of these violent acts by prominent leftists, is very disconcerting.

Can anyone imagine what the liberal progressive media would have been saying if this were back in 2009 and we were two weeks into the Obama administration and these actions were happening? The duplicitous hypocrisy is astounding, and the blatant disregard and dismissal from reporting by the leftist media is telling.
And to think that they’re blaming not the ones conducting the assault, but the targets of the assaults as the source of this anger. It is as if the left is telling America, since you didn’t vote how we wanted you to, you shall suffer the consequences of our anger, our savagery. And yes, that’s exactly what it is. It’s domestic terrorism and barbarism to spit on people, spray them with pepper spray — and how many times must we see or hear about killing the President of the United States?
See, it’s all fun for the left until someone gets hurt…and here it is bluntly, I am talking about when one of these anarchists and violent rioters crosses the line with the one person — and gets hit back.

You can bet as soon as that happens, it will be front page news everywhere…that an innocent “protester” was targeted and injured by racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, deplorable, undesirable members of the “alt-right.”

However, my caution to these violent leftists supported by George Soros is that the day is coming when you will encounter Americans who will not run and cower from your intimidation and coercive tactics."

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