Beaten and sexually assaulted - one more

Beaten and sexually assaulted - one more
GERMANY -- It was among shops and restaurants that the brutal assault took place. The abuse became so brutal that the woman's increasingly louder screaming made the men leave the place. Unfortunately the cameras that were supposed to monitor the place where the woman was assaulted, were out of order.

Katharina (35) was brutally assaulted and felt up by a North African gang at a train station in the German city of Hanover, reports the German newspaper Bild.

She now joins an alarmingly increasing number of women in Europe, who have experienced this.

Her left eye is bloody and swelling. In her forehead she has a cut, recently stitched. Her lip is cracked. Her clothes ripped off. This is how Katharina F. looks after a brutal encounter with three North Africans at a train station in Hanover, writes the paper.

The 35-year German woman had been out with friends in the German city of Hanover and was walking home when she was surrounded by three men of North African origin.

She did not recognize the men and was intoxicated. She was defenseless and alone.

One man gave her a hard slap in the face. Then she was pushed around and felt up. They tried to pull off her sweater. Finally she hit her head on a post. She does not know if she was pushed or fell.

The woman screamed and then the men disappeared from the scene. On the floor a woman was laying, bruised and sexually abused.

Police arrived at the scene and got the woman to hospital. There she was sewn and treated for the beating.

Unfortunately the woman could not make a good description of the men, except for their ethnic background. And security cameras that are located where the woman was assaulted has not been functioning since 2015, when they did not record anyway.

The incident took place on Raschplatz, a shopping center with a cinema, built right up to the city's train station.

A guard says:

- Previously, we could apprehend at least 15 criminal acts every weekend using cameras. Drug trafficking, violence and more. Pickpockets could be monitored and we could apprehend them. That's over now.

The police have arrested two North Africans in connection with the assault. One of them is from Morocco. He admits that he was in contact with the woman, but says that he was only joking with her. And that she wanted it.

The woman's lawyer, Thomas Blade, told the German newspaper Bild that it is difficult to prove the violence and assault because the witness can not with certainty identify the perpetrators. He also points out that it would have been much easier with images from the surveillance cameras.

Many women in Germany, as in Sweden, are now afraid of going out alone, explained by German model and journalist Anabel Schunke:

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