Malmö Police Chief appeals to the public: Help us

Malmö Police Chief appeals to the public: Help us
SWEDEN -- Malmö police are assisted by the country's foremost experts and detectives in the hunt for the many killers who are now on the loose in the city.

But in a city where the law of the land is being taken over by gangs and criminals, where grenades fly and weapons flourish, police receive little help from the terrified public. In other words, there are no willing witnesses.

Now police chief Stefan Sinteus appeals to the public for help in an open letter.

"Help us to get to grips with the problems. Work with us."

"The spiral of violence in Malmö means that new cases constantly land on the investigators' table. Resources are strained. The lack of investigators have even led to cases being poorly managed. Currently 11 murders are investigated and about eighty attempted murders," writes the police chief in the letter.

"Add to that other violent crimes, assaults, rapes, thefts and fraud."

Witnesses are a problem

During the investigation of the assassination of Ahmed Obaid, 16, police have also experienced difficulties in getting any testimonies from witnesses. Some only want to speak anonymously and some never show up.

- People lie and tell lies directly to us. It is a problem, former investigator JB Cederholm told Sydsvenskan.

In the open letter Stefan Sinteus says that the police need the public's help and asks them to come forward.

"We are depending on you and your witness statements, in order to solve these violent crimes," begs Sinteus.

But it is most likely in vain, unfortunately, as not many people, unless they are personally involved, would want to expose themselves or their families to the repercussions it would have to witness against a murderer supported by an armed and violent gang.

This is what happens when a city turns lawless because criminals for years have been allowed to set the agenda. It's like an old Charles Bronson movie, only without a "happy" ending.

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