Trump makes the women's movement great again

Trump makes the women's movement great again
Many women must have sat and felt very bored with things, such as privileged women in the Western world do. So instead of revolutionising DNA editing, writing crime novels, or something else, thanks to Donald Trump, they can now finally do what women do better than most men: Knit. Knitting hats. Pink and with corners that resemble cat's ears. They call the hats "pussy hats," but they have nothing to do with cats.

In Washington, D.C. thousands of women pulled the pink knitted hat over their head and took to the streets.

They were there to protest their new President, Donald J. Trump, who during the presidential campaign had an old recording released by his opponents, where he talks man-to-man with a man, like millions of men do every day, because men do that.

Of course, no perfect human being would in informal talks said the things Trump said about women, but even though Trump seems perfect, he is also a man. And as long as an imperfect man has moved into the White House, something definitely should be done about it. Besides, this time a woman was suppose to win!

But no, instead of Hillary returning to the White House, according to the mainstream media, a woman-hating madman has been given the codes to the nukes, and he hates women!

It also shocked Teresa Shook in Hawaii to the core. And furious she took to social media when she believed something needed to be done.

- I think we should take to the streets!

Others read the post and were thrilled. But she quickly realised that for her to "transform an angry facebook group to a progressive coalition," she would need help. And who you're gonna call when misogyny is to be protested at?

Well, in addition to two professional, international activists, the choice of leading the combat against misogyny and Trump, fell on Linda Sarsour, a Muslim activist, hijab wearing and Jew-hating, belonging to a religion where misogyny is an integrated part of it.

And then came Madonna and held a speech, where she threatened to blow up the White House, with the woman-hating Trump inside obviously. Madonna is otherwise widely known for concerts that resemble onstage sex shows, so she was an obvious candidate to talk about demeaning of women, as those nasty things Trump said, she does.

But hey, get rid of the blatant errors, get rid of the silly hats, focus on misogyny that matters, and Trump, bringing thousands of angry women to the streets, really has made the women's movement great again...too.

The next protest could for example be outside the Turkish embassy, as they have legalized rape and pedohilia, and 200,000 protesting women could have made an impact regarding the focus on these poor girls, or a protest outside any of the embassies who are representing countries where women's rights are broken every single second. You have the numbers girls, now you just need intelligence.

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