Europe is a barrel of gunpowder about to go off

Europe is a barrel of gunpowder about to go off
Many European women do not feel safe anymore and terror and terrorism increases. Divisions becomes larger. And a strange womanhating, anti-democratic culture of violence has received amnesty to spread unhindered, under the forgery of being "the religion of peace" and that "all cultures are equal."

As a reaction, Europeans have harden. They are no longer so sensitive, warm-hearted and generous as in the beginning, because nobody likes to be hated and hunted in their own country. Nobody likes to treat guests nice, only to have the guests demand even more. No European daddy likes that his daughters must stay home for the sake of their own safety. This is not Europistan yet.

And violence breeds violence unfortunately.

In this way the macho Muslim culture is going to drag European culture down into the mud. So far authorities and the media have responded by scolding their own citizens, by using censorship against whoever calls for resistance. And they have even been more understanding and submissive to Islam. Such actions have a price: The credit is exceeded and pressure builds up.

Because, despite the obvious danger of Europeans organizing themselves and retaliate, there are no indications that the failed multicultural project is going to be discarded in favor of real politics. No, the solution is to continue with more of the same, put more gunpowder into the barrel to improve the situation. The only new measures are "more visible police" so that we would "not be intimidated." But the state of emergency and security forces on the streets are not only there to prevent Islamic terror: They are there also to prevent European citizens from seeking out justice themselves.

But as several have already pointed out, the barrel is now about to get full, and only a spark is needed for it to go off.

Last year, former French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, warned that the French people will get exposed to many more bloody massacres from Islamic militants, as thousands of Muslims in France are becoming radicalized:

Valls: - I have to tell the truth to the French people

This would be the reason for the spark to ignite, believes head of the French police, Patrick Calvar, who on several occasions have warned the French parliament of such a likely scenario.

READ: Head of French police: France is on the brink of civil war

In fact authorities are so aware of what's coming that they turn to extreme measures to try to prevent it for as long as possible. The German state of Brandenburg recently introduced an unusual law to prevent a potential tide of right-wing extremist violence against asylum seekers. The law automatically provides residence permit to asylum seekers who are victims of xenophobic attacks:

New German law: Attack an asylum seeker, and the victim gets to stay

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