Illegal migrants freeze to death on the border

Illegal migrants freeze to death on the border
Several Third World immigrants who have tried to enter illegally into the EU across the border between Turkey and Bulgaria have frozen to death the last week, writes Novinite and The Sofia Globe.

The first death was reported on Monday when a Somali woman was found frozen to death at the border. The day before, a group of 31 refrigerated illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia were arrested by the border police. Two of the Somalis had frostbite and were taken to hospital for treatment. The immigrants told authorities that they had to abandon a woman in the woods and she was later found dead.

Later in the week, two more dead men were found near the village of Izvor, located a few miles from the border. An autopsy on Friday showed that they died from the cold. According to Rudaw, the two men were Kurds from Iraq who were 29 and 36 years old.

In Bulgaria, the dead immigrants do not get much attention, as there is a large number of homeless people in the country that they are more concerned about. Among other things, they are trying to open gymnasiums and other public facilities for them so they do not freeze to death in the winter cold. In Bulgaria, it is now very cold and in some places several inches of snow.

Prepared for new migrant wave

The immigrants trying to cross the border under harsh conditions are just some of the millions of Third World immigrants hoping to get asylum and grants in one of the EU countries. In connection with the coup attempt in Turkey last summer, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov told that between 150 and 200 illegal immigrants were arrested by border police every day and then sent back to Turkey.

- All there (police and military) at the border are prepared for serious problems with the immigration wave, he said in an interview with the newspaper Dnevnik.

Bulgaria has for the last two years build a nearly 105 miles long and three meter high fence along the border with Turkey. On the Turkish side of the border it is enhanced with the so-called concertina wire, a military barbed wire that is very difficult for people to get past. The goal is to stop the wave of immigration from the third world who are attracted by the northern European countries' generous asylum conditions and grants.

Along the most inaccessible forest and mountain areas between the two countries, however, there are as yet no such fence. And is here that the immigrants are trying to cross the border into Europe, resulting in their death due to weather conditions they have never before experienced and therefore are completely unprepared for.

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