Robbers meet Viking - Viking wins

Robbers meet Viking - Viking wins
A gang of immigrants were sentenced during the week for an attempted robbery against a driving school in Norberg Västmanland.

According to the court, the robbery was interrupted thanks to a resourceful action by 69-year-old Bo (Bosse) Ander.

- I fought back, he tells the Swedish news outlet Fria Tider.

On October 31 last year, three immigrant men entered the driving school in Norberg. They were dressed in black, masked, and armed with a knife, a hammer and a "pistol-like object". Outside, an accomplice waited in a getaway car. The perpetrators were all 18-year-olds.

But the robbers did not expect to meet Bo Ander, the 69-year-old who became a hero that day. He sits with two other in the school's public area and reads a newspaper. When he sees the robbers storm into the school he becomes "very angry," states the court.

- One may wonder what I was thinking. I was of course angry, he told Fria Tider, and laughs at himself.

- I went straight up to the guy standing at the door, it was just a couple of meters. I throw him out.

The gang was caught off guard by the 1.92-meter tall 69-year-old's counterattack. One of the perpetrators tried to regain the initiative, but failed.

- Then another guy comes. He hit me and I hit back and then he flees. When the third guy sees that the others disappear, he disappears too.

Together with the two others from the driving school, Bosse takes up the pursuit of the robbers. On the street, a pretty comical situation now unfolds, where the three robbers flee screaming in panic and completely forget about the getaway car with their shocked accomplice inside. Because after them they have a mad, huge Viking.

- I thought it was so [email protected] stupid the whole thing, Bosse says.

The guy with the getaway car managed to drive after his panicking friends and save them with the car. Together they fled home to a young Swedish woman in Norberg, where they changed clothes. According to the woman, they seemed "stressed" by the traumatic encounter with the Swedish Viking.

With a large police presence an hour after the robbery, two of the robbers are stupid enough to drive around in Norberg in the stolen car used during the attempted robbery. Police soon catch sight of the car and take up the pursuit, and after a short car chase the getaway car ends up in a ditch. Both men were arrested.

With a little detective work, the police also found the other two perpetrators, as well as a fifth offender who was involved in planning the robbery. Two of the robbers are Eritrean citizens and all five are African immigrant.

The verdict against gang came on Wednesday. The Court notes that it was thanks to Bosse that the robbery was interrupted and failed.

Four of the men were convicted of attempted robbery and the fifth for complicity in attempted robbery. Two of them were sentenced to probation, while the other three got suspended sentences and community service. All of them evade jail and none are deported from Sweden, even though they are over 18 years.

- I was at the trial in Västerås, it was pure parody. Each of the five had a defense attorney, they denied everything. It was a travesty, says Bo Ander, and adds:

- We must hope that they learned something from this. In Norberg, they live in Norberg? How can you be so [email protected] stupid to rob a place in Norberg, where they live?

It is not the first time immigrant robbers have miscalculated the odds when meeting Swedish pensioners, and Jan Eriksson (69) was another who gave them a lesson:

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