What if Sweden becomes like Malmö

What if Sweden becomes like Malmö
Will what happens in Malmö spread to the rest of Sweden? Is Malmö the City of Tomorrow? We see today a disaster, with fears of a society no longer under control.

The city has gone from industrialism to post-industrialism. Modernity was a major redesign: it tore down and built new. Now another transformation is going on: immigration, internationalization. 52 percent of the school's population has an immigrant background and the percentage is rising.

For understandable reasons, it has not yet had time to sink in how much the municipalities like Malmö will be affected when they take over the main responsibility for the many people who are now given residence permits. But in my new book "Framtidsstaden," Malmö's head of primary schools calls the situation "a nightmare" and the head of municipal management of assistance says that it was "impossible from the start" to obtain housing to all. Malmö would have had to employ half of all preschool teachers and teachers who are trained in Sweden. And even before the Instruction Act was adopted in the spring of 2016, Malmö had 2600 homeless, writes Lars Åberg, who is a journalist and author with an interest in Malmö's development. His book "Framtidsstaden" (City of Tomorrow) comes out next week.

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With its geographical position Malmö should not be able to fail. There has been a radical transformation from the 1970s culture with people moving out, to the 2010s expansive occupancy of residences, where people apparently without irony compare themselves with Berlin and New York. It has also been a city with no real opposition. The bourgeoisie has been lame, and the ruling Social Democrats' fairly consistent with the university and the largest morning paper about how the city should be described.

In a place with so much local chauvinism, it has been regarded as almost disloyal to talk about social tensions, honor culture or threatening childhood environments. Despite that knowledge has existed and alarming reports have filled the municipal's shelves, the responsible politicians have for the longest denied that system threatening gaps exist. Appalling conditions have been described as challenges or opportunities.

Sadly, a national asylum crisis has been required for future issues now to be taken seriously, writes Åberg in GP.

However, it remains to be seen: As Malmö and other parts of Sweden turn into lawless areas, which are starting to resemble Middle-Estern war zones, will Sweden react? How? And when? And would a reaction trigger what they probably fear the most?

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