Sweden gives six months in prison for war crimes

Sweden gives six months in prison for war crimes
A brutal Iraqi war criminal who has participated in torture and executions, who has carried a severed head while poking it in the eye with a screwdriver, who has dragged dead and alive captives behind a car - has been punished by a Swedish court, in yet another ridiculous verdict by the failing Swedish legal system.

It is not a war crime to joyfully pose while holding the decapitated head of a dead opponent in an ongoing armed conflict - but to desecrate his body, states Blekinge District Court in its verdict against a 24-year-old Iraqi who earlier this year was indicted for war crimes after he posted Facebook pictures of himself and dead and maimed IS-terrorists, reports Sydöstran.

More images were found in connection with the investigation of the spectacular gold robbery in Kungsmarken last autumn, initiated by the 24-year-old, which he in the summer was sentenced to prison for three and a half years for.

The photos and films were found on his cell phone.

In the pictures, the 24-year-old poses with IS-fighters who were wounded or killed in the battle of an oil refinery in Iraq, Salah-al-Bin in the spring of 2015.

The evidence suggests that both dead and alive IS-fighters were dragged behind a car. One of them is also executed in sight of the 24-year-old.

Armed and in full combat gear, the 24-year-old shows joy over the dead bodies, and in some pictures he also pokes a screwdriver into the eye of a severed head.

The 24-year-old has said that he never participated in the fighting or the executions - and that he was forced by his commander to pose with the dead bodies. Otherwise, he would suffer bad himself.

He does not deny that he felt "some joy," because his father was tortured and murdered by ISIS, and he himself was tortured by enemy fighters.

In its ruling, however, Blekinge District Court writes that nothing in the pictures or films suggest that the 24-year-old was acting under duress, rather the opposite.

The court finds that the bodies on the images could be identified by relatives. And that Facebook has about one billion users. It is difficult to say exactly how many people saw the pictures. Images that typically are intended to demonstrate power and intimidate.

The court also notes that wounded, prisoners of war, and even dead enemies are protected persons.

Blekinge District Court rejected the prosecution's claim that all the images constitute war crimes - but accepted the images where an enemy definitely is desecrated or being beheaded, and when the 24-year-old smiles and pokes the head with a screwdriver.

The verdict is set to one year in prison, in accordance with previous rulings in similar cases in Germany and Finland, but the crime is woven into the rest of his crimes, two robberies earlier this year - and therefore he is given six months imprisonment.

Many will probably say, well, they were ISIS terrorists and likely deserved it, but this is not something that the court has taken into account, and therefore the verdict is shameful. It is also a reminder that the Swedish juridical system is going completely broken, and a reminder of what kind of people Sweden has received.

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