Swedish politician: Our fault, it was a mistake, sorry

Swedish politician: Our fault, it was a mistake, sorry
In Sweden, where the dramatic consequences of the headless mass immigration in recent years are about to go up for ever more people, one can now witness a feverish regrouping by the elite.

People who have been in the position of power - in politics, media or culture, are striving to adapt to a new reality. They are trying to change their legacy to fit with the way the political wind blows - without making it look too obvious.

One could suspect that these people have no backbone whatsoever. That they do not mean anything that could conceivably come into conflict with their own career.

On Friday, a text written by Mikael Sandström (pictured) evoked attention. He has worked as Fredrik Reinfeld's secretary during all his eight years as prime minister and has since been the Moderate Party's coordination chief. He definitely belongs to the elite. These are his words:

"The truth is that the human Swedish migration policy is dead. It died, not because of deliberate decisions, but due to goodwill towards suffering people and unwillingness to see the problems that large immigration in a short time would cause."


"It's hard to admit when one has made a mistake, especially if the consequences have been serious. In order to deal with these consequences, it is necessary that I and all the others who have had positions of responsibility in the former government, the current government, in previous governments and the current and former opposition, as well as the media and NGOs, realize that it is our fault and our responsibility that the migration policy has collapsed."

This is the man who was involved all the way and never said a word. Not until now, when the madness has gone up for absolutely anyone who has not been in artificially induced coma in recent years.

Sandström seems to put judgement upon himself, the government, and the Swedish political elite at large. He sees that the juridical system is collapsing, and with it everything else. He sees an exploding crime rate and massively increased insecurity for the Swedes. But so does everyone else, so what he actually does is to wash his own hands. He tries to wriggle away so that he won't be held accountable for his actions, and to secure a future life in top politics by going along with the current political wind. He deserves nothing but contempt. And he is not alone. Several politicians who have been responsible for the catastrophic situation Sweden has ended up in now try the same. They admit it, but the country is already on fire, literally, because of them, with shootings and bombs, cars on fire and internal war zones every weekend, which are getting worse every weekend. Violent immigrant gangs with hand grenades and automatic rifles and immigrant gangs with stones and Molotov cocktails. A country where rape statistics are in the numbers of hundreds of thousands, in a country of 10 million.

And these enablers now hope to get away with a sorry, my bad.

However, if you think Sweden is a mess now, and it is, it is about to get a lot worse. Now hundreds of thousands of family reunifications start, which will make last year's migrant wave look like a ripple on the lake and financially ruin the country:

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Previously we posted a fictional and imaginary (possible) future scenario for Sweden, which actually is coming closer - as sad and terrifying as that sounds.

It describes a video smuggled out of Sweden by a former politician after the country has been taken over by Islamists, similar to those early reports that came out of Syria and Iraq:

ISIS has taken Sweden - thousands beheaded or captured

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