'Execution' of 10-year-old has Swedes see red

'Execution' of 10-year-old has Swedes see red
The small Swedish towns are now starting to feel the consequences of the completely failed project of bringing in as many immigrants as possible from failed countries in the Middle East and Africa.

As the residents of Hörby woke up to a sawed down Christmas tree, a more serious incident also happened in the once so quit town.

When some little boys were out Pokemon hunting, a gang of older youths attacked them. A ten-year-old boy was kicked down and then shot in the back of his head with an air soft gun, reports Skånska Dagbladet.

- It was just like a mock execution, says a mother who came to the rescue after the children's frantic emergency call.

The mother of one of the attacked boys received a frantic mobile phone call from her nine year old son. He, along with the other boys, raised the alarm after the attack.

- Our children called home and were completely hysterical.

Everything begun when five boys around the age of ten were out in the town playing the popular game Pokemon Go.

When the boys came to the square, eight older teenage boys, who are reported to be between 14 and 16 years old, assaulted them. The nine year old boy was attacked by some guys who went against him with a stick full of nails.

He managed to escape but when his mother rushed to the square after his alarm call, she was met by several little boys who were crying.

Then she realized that another one of the boys had been pressed to the ground and then shot in the back of his head with an air soft gun. She could see for herself that the boy had a hard lump in the neck with a red blush around it.

- He was really scared. It was just like a mock execution. It sounds like that when one puts down a little boy, and then put a gun to his neck and pull the trigger. How could he know that it was only an air soft gun? It could have just as well have been an real gun.

The woman alerted police, but had to wait for almost an hour and a half before they showed up.

- It is horrible. We should have the police here all the time.

The police confirmed that the incident is reported and the crime listed as assault, but otherwise the police are silent on the incident.

When the woman reached the square, she contacted the mother of the ten year old boy who was shot in the neck.

According to the boy's mother, the teenage gang have on different occasions harassed her son, knocked him down from his bike and kicked him as he lay on the ground.
They also held him in a stranglehold.

- I think it's terrible. I think that as a ten year old, one should be able to be outdoors on a Saturday afternoon at three o'clock without being attacked, says his mother.

She says that her son after the attack has been afraid, that he did not dare go out during the day afterwards, and he sleeps badly at night.

The mother has now forbidden her son to stay at the square, and in some other parts of Hörby. She feels that Hörby is no longer a safe place.

- Not as it is right now.

The attack has been discussed by Hörby residents in various Facebook groups, says the mother, and that the atmosphere has been raised after it became known what had happened.

- This has brought up the atmosphere radically. People want them to get the feel of their own medicine and to let them know their own execution.

The mother is afraid that the inflated mood in the village will accelerate.

- That there is a situation that we finally can not solve. Right now we would need policemen circulating here at certain times of day.

She has called for calm in a Facebook Post that she had published.

- I wrote that the best we can do is that we parents have a good tone between each other and that we have good cooperation.

Along with several other parents in Hörby municipality she has attempted to arrange a meeting with Councillor Susanne Meijer to vent their concerns and to try to find a solution together.

- But we have been opposed by the municipality and by Meijer. She does not respond to either calls or e-mails, and ignores us, says the mother, and sends a question to the councilor:

- My question to her is: "how can she do Hörby safer?"

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